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Releasing the Power of Git

Announcing GitKon Panels

Attend GitKon 2021 to hear from GitKon panels: Git tips and tricks and updates from the GitKraken product team. Register for this free virtual tech conference Sep 22-23.

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GitKon Panels Announcement

More GitKon Speakers Announced

See some of the GitKon speakers for the 2021 Git conference, such as Michelle Mannering of GitHub, Zoe Bachman from Codecademy, and Johannes Schindelin the maintainer of Git for Windows

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GitLab GUI

Are you looking for the best GitLab GUI to use in your workflow? See why GitKraken has the best GitLab integrations and makes actions like pull requests a breeze.

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GitKraken 7.7.0 release

GitKraken v7.7: Git for Teams

Get ready for team collaboration in Git on a whole new level with the new Git team features and other improvements. Get a better Git workflow for your team with GitKraken.

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GitKon: Global Git Conference

Join the team behind the GitKraken Git GUI for GitKon 2021 on Sep 22-23, the premier global Git conference of the year. Learn about GitOps, DevOps, and the future of Git.

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GitKraken and NodeGit logos

A Look at NodeGit and libgit2

GitKraken is built on Electron. To use libgit2 efficiently in Node, we needed a way to address the same APIs without rewriting and maintaining an entirely new library.

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GitKraken Tips IX

We’ve got tips for getting the most out of your Git client, like quickly performing Git push, issue tracking integrations, quick access to Git repositories, and more.

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GitKraken Tips VIII

Unleash the full power of the GitKraken Git GUI! Learn these Git tips related to branching in Git, how to Git cherry pick, pull request drafts for GitHub users, & more.

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GitKraken Tips VII

Check out our latest tips to learn Git with GitKraken Git GUI! These Git tips show you how to enter detached HEAD state, open the CLI from GitKraken & more.

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Best Planning Tools for Students

See the top project management, time tracking, and presentation tools for computer science students. Get the GitKraken Pro Suite free through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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Hosting Virtual Workshops

See tips, tricks, and recommended tools for hosting a virtual workshop. Download slides to run your own online Git tutorial workshop with GitHub and GitKraken.

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GitKraken Boards: New Trello Importer

GitKraken Boards for task tracking now offers a Trello importer and board templates. Import Trello boards with complete card details into GitKraken Boards to level up your issue management.

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How to Plan a Product Release

Planning a product release is complicated. GitKraken Boards for issue tracking and GitKraken Timelines for communicating milestones are free developer tools that will set you up for success from the start.

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2020 Trends in Software Development

What are the latest trends in the software development industry? Get 2020 insights on hiring, tools and technologies, managing software development, performance measurement, and more.

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Best Tools for Remote Dev Teams

What are the best tools for collaboration, communication, and project management for remote development teams? The GitKraken Git GUI, Slack, Google Meet, and Glo Issue Boards top the list.

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Best Courses to Learn Git

What are the best courses to learn Git online? Discover branching, how to use Git and GitHub, and more with these recommended courses for learning Git.

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Migrating from Perforce to Git

What are the advantages of using Git vs Perforce for version control? There are numerous reasons to convert your version control system away from Perforce to Git.

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CLI vs GitKraken GUI Speed Test

What are the advantages of using a Git GUI over the CLI? GitKraken will help you spend less time typing, will give you more confidence as a developer, and will improve your Git productivity.

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Best Tools for Git

Git is the most popular version control system worldwide. What are the top software tools for developers using Git?

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Git Dos and Don’ts

The GitKraken Git Client simplifies Git commands and functions. This list of dos and don’ts will help you understand things like pull requests, Git LFS, repos, and more.

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