Gamify GitKraken Boards by turning actions into achievements

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Developed by: Robert T.


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Glowify is a service that enables gamification of GitKraken Glo Boards. You define a “Listen” and “Publish” board and each action you take in the Listen board will be processed by Glowify. After the event is processed, Glowify will post the results to the Publish board in the form of levels (columns), user points (cards) and achievements (labels).

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Video & Screenshots

Glowify screenshot
Glowify screenshot
Glowify screenshot
Glowify screenshot
Glowify screenshot
Glowify screenshot

Install Instructions

To enable gamification on your Glo boards, follow the steps below or watch the video above.

  1. Create an account and Log in to Glowify
  2. Go to user preferences and set the Personal Access Token (PAT) from GitKraken. More on generating PATs.
  3. Enable gamification on a board by clicking “Glowifys,” and then clicking “Glowify new Board.”
  4. Select a “Listen” and a “Publish” board, and click “Add”. If needed, create a new Publish board.

    ⚠️ Beware, existing content in the Publish board will be deleted.
  5. For the selected Listen Board, create a webhook. Use the information provided on the “Glowifys” list to set the Payload URL and Secret.
  6. That’s it. Users on the Listen board can start making changes and each change (comments, card move, new column, etc…) will add points to users’ cards on the Publish board. Users will also unlock achievements by certain amounts of specific actions.

We can’t wait to see what you build with the API!
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