GitKraken Client


Intro Video

Get up and running with the GitKraken Client in under 10 minutes. 


See release notes for the GitKraken Client and access documentation for product features and tips for common actions.

Cheat Sheet

Keep the GitKraken Client Cheat Sheet on hand as a quick reference for UI elements, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Find out about the new Git-enhanced terminal that provides auto-suggest and auto-complete for Git commands, and more!

Set up Git Hosting Integration

See the powerful team features that enable better workflows for teams using Git and the GitKraken client, like merge conflict detection and resolution, and pull request management.

Git Knowledge Center

Cheat Sheets

No need to memorize Git commands! Download the Git Basics Cheat Sheet and bookmark our growing database of Git commands.

Migrating to Git

Whether you’re still evaluating Git vs SVN, or are ready to migrate from SVN to Git or from Perforce to Git, we’ve got helpful information and step-by-step instructions.