Git Integration for Jira Features

Features that enable dev teams to collaborate more closely by surfacing Git & Jira data when & where its needed

Supports All Git Servers

  • GitLab (all versions)
  • GitHub (all versions)
  • Azure DevOps (VSTS)
  • Microsoft TFS
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Bitbucket
  • Git on Linux/Windows
  • Gerrit
  • SSH
  • Git protocol

Commits, Branches, Pull Requests

  • View commits from Jira to see the author, time of the commit and the source code diff via the Git Commits tab on the Issues page.
  • Create branches directly from Jira’s issue-view.
  • Create PRs right from Jira and see how many pull requests are open.

Builds and Deployments

  • View build and deployment data from your CI/CD pipelines in the Jira issue panel and Deployments timeline.
  • Use JQL to search by build and deployment statuses.
  • Automate Jira workflows when a build or deployment succeeds or fails.
  • Give your extended team greater DevOps visibility right from Jira to cut down on confusion and status updates.

Smart Commits

Developers can continue using the tools they love, while simultaneously updating Jira so project managers can make decisions and move items through the workflow. It’s as simple as adding #comments, #time, and #transition to Jira issues with Git commits. 

You can perform multiple actions on Jira Issues from a single commit in GitKraken Client using Smart Commits. Enter the issue key and the desired action such as time-tracking or closing an issue.


Automation triggers are supported, giving you more control over automating tasks in Jira. Make use of Jira’s automation template library and customize your own by creating rules to configure triggers and actions for automating tasks.

Index via Webhooks

If you’re working with self-hosted Git servers or strict source code control, indexing via webhooks is for you. In the Classic Indexing options, all features available require two-way communication originating from outside your network. Webhook Indexing only requires that your Git server be able to make outbound Internet requests.

Deep Linking

Quickly open commits, branches and tags in GitKraken Client from the Jira Issue view. No more wasting time hunting down branches, you’ll be able to start collaborating and reviewing changes faster and easier with seamless bi-directional transitions between Jira and GitKraken Client.

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Git Integration for Jira is the most popular Atlassian Marketplace tool for connecting Git and Jira data when and where development teams need it. Developers and project managers get better visibility, enabling them to make decisions and streamline their workflows.

More Legendary Features

Pull Request Management
Search Commits

Diff Inline View

View Source Code

Syntax Highlighting

Project Permissions
User Roles

File History

Gitflow Support

Git Specific JQL
Visibility to Teams

Manual Issue Association Override

Dark Mode (mobile)
Personal Access Tokens (PATs)