Focus View

One View, Zero Distractions.

Your Dev Workflow Upgraded.

Focus View empowers you to achieve more, faster. A unified dashboard consolidates PRs, Issues, and WIPs from multiple repositories, placing them front and center. Prioritize, act, and collaborate with certainty.

Try Focus View for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Work smarter, not harder

No more shuffling through tabs and endless scrolling. All the crucial details are now right at your fingertips. Experience the ease of having all your pull requests, works-in-progress, and issues displayed in a single, coherent dashboard.

Collaborate with clarity

In Focus View, you’re always in the loop. Within your shared Cloud Workspaces, clearly see who’s contributing to the same pull requests and issues. Enhance your teamwork, ensuring that every move is coordinated and purposeful.

Stop guessing, start problem solving

More than just viewing, Focus View actively guides your next steps on your most important PRs: whether it’s merging, prompting a review, or branching out on a task, you’re always one step ahead.

Overcome PR overload; embrace the snooze.

Overwhelmed by PR notifications? Regain control with Focus View. Use PR snooze to declutter, addressing PRs when you’re ready. Set a return time (coming soon) or snooze indefinitely. Drive your development rhythm, tackling tasks on your terms, not in surges.

Continuity across your dev tools

Harness the strength of Focus View, whether you prefer GitKraken Client, GitLens, or CLI. Elevate your efficiency as you consolidate your development activities. Reduce the noise, amplify focus, and navigate your workflow with ease.

Unparalleled productivity awaits

With Focus View, dive into a world where development is streamlined, efficient, and distraction-free. You’ve got nothing to lose, experience the difference for yourself. It’s free to get started!

Try Focus View for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite