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Releasing the Power of Git

Git CLI vs GUI

If you’re a software developer, there’s a good chance you’ve got an opinion on using the command line interface for Git operations.  Many devs consider

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DevOps vs Agile

Learn how GitKraken can improve your organization’s DevOps AND Agile methods and discover more about the IT operations at Axosoft.

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GitKraken v4.2

In this release, we’ve added Bitbucket Server integration, File History and Blame View access, basic error-logging, new shortcuts, hover tooltips, and more. Find out more…

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How to Build a Profitable Product

Axosoft Founder, Hamid Shojaee, was recently featured on the podcast Documentation Not Included. Hamid discusses building a product and all that entails. Check out the highlights or watch the recording!

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Visual Studio Code is required to install GitLens.

Don’t have Visual Studio Code? Get it now.

Team Collaboration Services

Secure cloud-backed services that span across all products in the DevEx platform to keep your workflows connected across projects, repos, and team members
Launchpad – All your PRs, issues, & tasks in one spot to kick off a focused, unblocked day. Code Suggest – Real code suggestions anywhere in your project, as simple as in Google Docs. Cloud Patches – Speed up PR reviews by enabling early collaboration on work-in-progress. Workspaces – Group & sync repos to simplify multi-repo actions, & get new devs coding faster. DORA Insights – Data-driven code insights to track & improve development velocity. Security & Admin – Easily set up SSO, manage access, & streamline IdP integrations.
winget install gitkraken.cli