Commit Graph

Bring color & clarity to your commit history

Free yourself from version control uncertainty with GitKraken's Commit Graph.

Try Commit Graph for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Explore commit history

Typing commands in the CLI to understand past commits can be a time-consuming process. But with the commit graph, you can open any Git repository on your machine and visualize the commit history. Plus you can interact with the commit graph in context with your code or repos in GitKraken Desktop and GitLens.

Filter by team member

When you open a repo with GitKraken Desktop or GitLens, you may see some familiar commit avatars! You can spotlight the work of any fellow collaborator by filter the commit graph by team member to see at a glance who has pushed what when trying to understand recent changes.

Reveal actions in 1-click

Can you rebase this branch? Or revert this commit?  Eliminate the guesswork when you right click on any branch or reference in the commit graph to reveal the Git actions available between branches.

Customize commit history

We know devs love customizing to taste. That’s why the commit graph comes with a compact view, themes, options to re-order columns, and it adapts when resized to always clearly show information.

Eliminate context switching

Having the commit graph across all surfaces means you’ll always have the context you need to make informed decisions – you can focus on building and less on managing your repos and digging for information across multiple apps.

Gauge the size of changes

Some commits are bigger than others, but how would you know at a glance? With the commit graph in VS Code, you can see the size of the changes for all commits in your history to isolate key changes even quicker.

Compare with diffs: a debugger’s friend

Need to pinpoint some code? Each commit tells the story of what happened through its diff. Selecting one or multiple commits in the commit graph, you’ll get a list of which files were changed, renamed, added, or removed. Selecting one of these files will then open its diff, making it easy to compare work a dev committed with changes from other devs BEFORE they push code.

Ready to unlock your commit history?

Visualize any repo with GitKraken’s Commit Graph. 
Available in GitKraken Desktop and GitLens for VS Code for free

Try Commit Graph for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Weaving a sleeker Pull Request Workflow

It’s a classic workflow. A developer starts with an assigned issue,
followed by creating a branch, and culminating in a Pull Request.
GitKraken Desktop centralizes this workflow so devs always know where
they left off, what still needs attention, or what to do next.

Minimize distractions, maximize productivity

Being a developer often means juggling tasks. One moment you’re deep in your feature, the next you’re reviewing a pull request from another branch. This constant bouncing around, this context switching, breaks your rhythm and slows you down. Plus, dissecting the PR and its connection to the commit history can be a tough puzzle.