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Developer-first performance intelligence to help you remove bottlenecks,
highlight trends, and improve the quality of your code.

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Your command center for code review intelligence

The product images below are aspirational and still in development. That’s where you come in.
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Discover actionable information and avoid delays

By surfacing actionable information about activity metrics and at-risk pull requests, Insights helps you track progress, uncover issues, and avoid delays.

Improve your workflow and merge faster

Collaborate more efficiently and spend less time on conflict resolution by visualizing code review metrics, highlighting team-level risks and accelerating code delivery.

Visualize your Git data and prevent burnout

Insights gives you a data-driven view into activity across your team all in one place helping you increase team performance and reduce burnout.
Git Metrics

Connect to your remote repositories

Insights connects with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab giving you end-to-end visibility so you can make more informed decisions.

Elevate Team Collaboration with
GitKraken Insights

Unlike other solutions out there, we built Insights to truly help developers and their teams be more efficient and productive. That means we’re giving you powerful new features at no additional cost, with no additional subscriptions, and zero context switching.

Try GitKraken Insights for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

We’re just getting started

GitKraken Insights is currently in Preview, but we’ve got much more innovation on the way. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on these powerful new developer-first performance intelligence features and we’ll be adding more capabilities in the weeks and months ahead.

Exploring what’s possible

We’re exploring more ways to visualize the most important metrics and data about all your Git repositories, such as commit history, branching patterns, and code review statistics. These actionable visualizations can be helpful in understanding a project’s development history and identifying areas that may need to change or are at risk.
Pull Request Timeline

Improving the developer experience

GitKraken Insights is a useful service for developers who want to better understand and manage their Git repositories. It can help improve collaboration, optimize workflows, and identify areas for improvement in the development process.
Pull Request Breakdown


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