GitKraken Git Client

The easiest, safest, most powerful way
to leverage Git as a team

Git is as notorious as the Kraken for being powerful, but is Git easy? No, it’s complicated to learn, especially if you’re trying to memorize commands to use the CLI. If you’re new to Git, GitKraken will get you up-to-speed faster so you can be productive from day one. Integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps make it simple to add remotes. The easy-to-read commit graph will help you visualize who on your team made code changes and when. With the intuitive UI, complicated commands are simplified into the click of a button, drag of a tentacle, or tap of the keyboard.

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If you’re not experienced with using the CLI for Git, it can be like a deep dark abyss offering no protection against mistakes. The GitKraken Git GUI reduces the risk of getting your repos into a bad state by giving you visibility into potential problems like merge conflicts. Plus, it provides secure Git integrations, a mighty conflict resolution tool and an undo button to act as your safety net for those unavoidable mistakes. 


While some Git users may choose to use the CLI exclusively, they’re probably not harnessing all the powerful capabilities Git has buried in the depths. GitKraken’s merge tool, diff view, interactive rebase mode, and other visual UI elements help surface complex processes so you can complete complicated merges, compare diffs, avoid or resolve conflicts and crush any other challenges that sail into your path. Plus, deep integrations with hosting services, like GitHub, give you the power to do all your pull request management directly in GitKraken.

The more collaborators you’re working with in GitKraken, the more productivity benefits you get. When your entire team is using GitKraken you’ll be like many tentacles working together in unison: you’ll know who is working on each file and will be alerted of potential merge conflicts. Talk about a major time-saver!

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Integrations to support your coding workflow

GitKraken connects to all the popular Git repository hosting services so it’s swift and simple to clone, fork, add remotes and create pull requests. GitHub users get even more PR management capabilities: edit, merge, approve, request changes or comment on a pull request without ever leaving GitKraken. Plus, no more context switching to manage issues:  view, filter, edit, create branches tied to issues, and create new issues directly from GitKraken.

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GitKraken Boards


Legendary Git productivity features

Visual Commit History

In-App Merge Tool

1-Click Undo & Redo

Drag & Drop

Fuzzy Finder

Built-In Code Editor

Diff Split View

Syntax Highlighting

Search Within Files

File Minimap


Gitflow Support

File History & Blame


Git Hooks Support


Keyboard Shortcuts

Light & Dark Themes

Interactive Rebase

Commit Signing

Make Git easier, safer & more powerful.