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Best Git Client for Mac

On the hunt for the ultimate Mac Git client? Check out our guide to find the perfect tool for streamlining your version control workflow.

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GitKraken Client is the best Git GUI for GitHub

Best Git GUI for GitHub

Looking for the best Git GUI for GitHub? Discover the advantages of using GitKraken Client, a cross-platform tool that simplifies managing Git repositories.

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VS Code Download

Learn how to download VS Code for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, learn how to get started in VS Code by customizing different settings to fit your workflow.

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Best Coding Music | 2023

Choose from a list of playlists designed to help software developers focus and write code. Playlists include popular musicals, video game tracks, brown noise, and more.

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20 VS Code Shortcuts

Code faster and more efficiently in VS Code with these 20 shortcuts. Learn how to open the command palette, open the terminal, create a new file, and more.

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GitHub Actions for Azure

Learn how to automate tasks and easily monitor Azure applications using GitHub Actions. This article covers the syntax and structure of GitHub Actions, and demonstrates how they can be leveraged to simplify your Azure development workflow.

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GitKraken Client’s 2022 Releases: A Round-Up of the Year’s Biggest Hits

GitKraken had a productive year in 2022, with new product launches and updates including speed boosts for MacOS and LFS users, power boosts through the Terminal Panel and patch support, and the release of GitKraken Client 9.0. The team also launched the Foundations of Git Certification Course and added Single Sign-On support for large teams.

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Discontinuing Access and Support for GitKraken Client 6.6.0 and Older

GitKraken will discontinue access and support for legacy Client versions prior to 7.0 on February 28th, 2023. The new cloud services architecture will support future releases and improve security, scalability, reliability, and performance. Users should upgrade to the latest version to continue receiving access, updates, and support.

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