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10 Video Shorts to Level Up your Git Game

10 Video Shorts to Level Up Your Git Game

Mastering Git can sometimes feel like trying to untangle a bunch of super tangled – and wired (old school, I know) – headphones, not sure exactly where to pull or loop or flip next. Here are 10 Git tutorial videos that’ll help you level up your Git game.

These videos are the perfect combination of fast and helpful. They cover fundamental concepts like Git Checkout and branch management, delve into squashing commits and cherry picking techniques, and explore the wonders of experimental features. Grab some popcorn and unlock some Git tips and tricks!

What is Git Checkout?

Watch time: 50 seconds

Let’s start with the basics – Git Checkout, the art of switching between branches in your repository. It’s like stepping into different versions of your project, enabling you to work on different tasks or experiment with changes without affecting the main codebase.

How to Squash Commits

Watch time: 26 seconds

Squashing commits in Git is like tidying up your laundry pile but for your code history. It lets you combine related commits into one neat and tidy commit, so you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to a squeaky-clean Git history!

Enabling Experimental Features

Watch time: 55 seconds

With GitKraken’s experimental features, you’ll feel like your code is taking on a whole new level of brilliance. The AI Commit Message Generation is one such feature, which allows you to summarize commit messages faster than ever. Simply navigate to Preferences > Experimental to enable experimental features, and check out release notes to see what new features are brewing at GitKraken.

How to Pull All Repos

Watch time: 33 seconds

Say goodbye to tedious repo juggling and embrace the efficiency of pulling multiple repositories all at once. Streamline your process, save valuable time, and conquer repo management like a pro.

What is Git Executable?

Watch time: 55 seconds

Command-line lovers, rejoice! GitKraken’s got the Git Executable, and it’s like having a secret cheat code to Git greatness. Suddenly, typing commands feels as satisfying as that “aha” moment when your code finally works!

How to Clone Repos

Watch time: 52 seconds

No need to play scientist; this process is all about coding magic. Learn how to master the essential skill of cloning repositories and experience the efficiency of duplicating a remote repo to your local machine.

Cherry Picking Commits

Watch time: 50 seconds

A powerful Git technique that goes beyond fruit metaphors. Dive into the art of cherry picking commits, a skill that lets you select specific changes from one branch and apply them to another.

What Does a Branch Do?

Watch time: 52 seconds

Ever wonder what branches really do? (No, they’re not just botanical wonders.) Think of branches as parallel universes where you can experiment without affecting the main masterpiece. Grasp the art of branching in Git to take your version control skills to the next level.

Using the Command Palette

Watch time: 16 seconds

Step into the Git command palette arena, where you’ll find the holy grail of shortcuts. Say farewell to excessive mouse clicks and welcome a more efficient workflow with just a few keystrokes.

Merging vs. Rebasing

Watch time: 37 seconds

Ah, the age-old battle between Merging and Rebasing. This epic video showdown will have you rooting for your favorite side while finally understanding the difference between these two techniques.

Sorry, no after-credits scene here – just 10 quick videos designed to help you become a more efficient programmer. Want to see more? Stay up to date on all things Git by subscribing to GitKraken’s YouTube channel. With GitKraken by your side, you’re ready to conquer the sea of Git commands and sail toward programming greatness!

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