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Top 7 DevOps Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Right now, more businesses than ever are using a DevOps approach. As such, you’ll want to know more about how it works, and how you can get the most out of it. One of the best ways to stay up to date with DevOps is to find the best podcasts to listen to, as they’ll offer up to date news and advice. Here are some of the best DevOps podcasts you should be listening to right now. 

1. Software Defined Talk

Listen to the Software Defined Talk

This weekly show covers everything that’s happening in DevOps, security, coding, cloud computing, and much more. As they say on their site, they don’t take themselves too seriously. That’s great news for you, as it makes them a very easy listen. 

Recent episodes have covered the recent happenings at Twitter, cloud growth rates, and the apparent ‘death’ of DevOps. They also cover all applicable keynotes and seminars, so you’ll always be up to date with what’s going on. 

Notable episode: The Death Of DevOps
Featuring: Andrew Clay Shafer
Summary: The idea of DevOps has been declared ‘dead’ again, so the hosts and Shafer discuss what that actually means for DevOps as a whole.

2. Azure DevOps Podcast

Listen to the Azure DevOps Podcast

As the name implies, this show focuses on the Azure platform. That makes sense, as they’re sponsored by the Clear Measure firm. “They don’t just cover Azure though” says Gerard Davies, a DevOps writer with Paper Fellows and Essay Services. “They also cover a lot of different tools, looking at how they can help in the DevOps process.”

There are lots of interviews with prominent figures in DevOps, so you’ll be able to hear about what they do and the techniques they’ve discovered to make the process smoother for your business. 

Notable episode: Evolving Cloud Architecture
Featuring: Jeff Fritz
Summary: Jeff and the hosts talk about what’s new at Microsoft, and how they’ve used cloud architecture to create their solutions.

3. JavaScript Jabber

Listen to JavaScript Jabber

This podcast, an offshoot of the show, focuses on DevOps and hopes to help offer you actionable advice. There’re constantly interviewing industry leaders, so you can learn more and improve the work that you do. 

If you’re new to DevOps and need more advice, this show is a very good listen. It offers tools to help you understand the workings of the system, so you can get the most out of it. If you’re looking for advice or ideas, this is the podcast to be listening to. 

Notable episode: All Things Typescript

Featuring: Maina Wycliffe
Summary: Wycliffe talks about his Typescript newsletter All Things Typescript, and why he’s an enthusiast of the system.

4. The New Stack Podcast

Listen to The New Stack Podcast

This show is aimed at developers, who are creating the underpinnings of DevOps systems. As such, here you’re going to find lots of useful, actionable advice that you can take into your own work and make a difference with it. 

For example, right now you can find recent episodes on open source materials, cloud computing, and feature management. There’s a lot to learn in this podcast, making them a must listen. 

Notable episode: Redis Looks Beyond Cache Toward Everything Data
Summary: The hosts explore the Redis platform, and how it’s evolving in the world of DevOps.

5. DevOps and Docker Talk

Listen to the DevOps and Docker Talk

As you’d expect, this podcast focuses mostly on Docker, but you’ll get a lot of insight into other DevOps tools here too. Recent episodes, for example, have covered Kubernetes,, and GitOps. There’s a good range of info in the show, that makes them interesting to listen to. 

“The episodes cover either interviews with experts, or guides on certain aspects of DevOps” says tech blogger Tina Harries, from Write My Essay and Custom Essay. “As such, many have found them a useful starting place when they’re looking into DevOps.”

Notable episode: Cilium and eBPF
Featuring: Liz Rice
Summary: Rice gives insight into how Cilium and eBPF work, and how they could be relevant to your work.

6. The Humans Of DevOps

Listen to the Humans of DevOps

While there’s often a focus on the tech side of DevOps, host Eveline Oehrlich takes the conversation to the human side. After all, without human intervention even the best DevOps tech won’t function as intended. She aims to look at how you can get the most out of a DevOps team to improve your company as a whole. 

Recent episodes have covered topics like navigating your career during crisis periods, thought leaders in DevOps, and leadership in the industry.  

Notable episode: Navigating Your Career During Times Of Crisis
Featuring: Lindsey Pollack
Summary: Pollack advises on how to navigate the changing world of work due to COVID, within the scope of DevOps.

7. Ship It!

Listen to Ship It!

As this podcast’s tag line states, they look at how you can get your ideas into the world, and see what happens. They focus on the combination of tech tools and human DevOps teams working together, to make this happen. 

In recent episodes you can see interviews with industry leaders, how to deploy right to production, and updates on common tech used in the DevOps world. 

Notable episode: Red Hat’s Approach To SRE
Featuring: Narayanan Raghavan
Summary: Raghavan talks about how SRE has been used at Red Hat manage cloud services.

Happy Listening!

These are some of the best DevOps podcasts out there right now. Give them a listen, and see if you can pick up some useful and actionable advice. 

Jenny Han is a writer with Write My Research Paper and Do My Coursework. She covers DevOps and it’s application in industry. She’s also a writer for the Cheap Essay blog.

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