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GitKon 2022

GitKon 2022: DevOps, Team Collaboration, Developer Skills & More

If you haven’t heard of GitKon, the virtual tech conference hosted by GitKraken, you could be missing out on one of the most prominent educational events of the year for the Git community.

GitKon 2022 is the second annual event and will be even bigger and better than last year. Instead of just one day of content, we’ve expanded to three days with shorter, 15-min sessions and have added more topics for teams and project leads. But just like last year, our speaker lineup is second-to-none, with experts from companies like GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft and VS Code, Sourcegraph, and more. 

You can learn more about some of the GitKon 2022 featured speakers, or read on to see who else you can expect to hear from and what topics we will be diving into at this year’s event.  

Register for GitKon 2022 to hear experts from GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft, Atlassian, and more discuss emerging topics, trends, and tips for taking your developer skills to the next level.

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DevOps: DORA, GitHub Pages, Git Hooks, & More

DevOps has been a trending topic in the software development space for several years now, and has evolved significantly in that time. The term DevOps has come to encompass a variety of strategies and frameworks like continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevSecOps, GitOps, and many more. 

Rizel Scarlett, GitHub: GitHub Pages Reimagined

Rizel Scarlett is a developer advocate at GitHub, and on her free time, moonlights as a leader at G{Code} House, an organization aimed at teaching women of color and non-binary people of color to code. Rizel believes in leveraging vulnerability, honesty, and kindness as means to educate early-career developers.

In her GitKon 2022 session: GitHub Pages Reimagined: Deploy Your First Website Without Leaving Your IDE, Rizel will talk about how she built an extension for Visual Studio Code that enables users to publish their first website directly from VS Code to GitHub Pages with just a few button clicks.  

“From purchasing a domain name to managing CI/CD, publishing your first website can be a high barrier to entry,” explains Rizel. “I look forward to showing GitKon attendees a simpler process using the tools they’re already familiar with.” 

Eran Yahav, Tabnine: From CI to AI

Eran Yahav is the CTO of Tabnine, a software company delivering AI-assisted development workflows. Eran is also a professor of Computer Science at the Technion, Israel, and his research interests include program synthesis, machine learning for code, program analysis, and program verification. Eran loves long-distance running, and while he has not won any medals yet, he has suffered at least one heatstroke trying.

In his GitKon 2022 session: From CI to AI: The AI Layer in Your Organization, Eran will teach attendees best practices for using AI tools and training custom models for unlocking the wealth of information in your codebase.

“In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of AI for software development,” says Eran. “I’m excited to share with GitKon attendees both the opportunities and challenges of using AI to make dev teams more productive.” 

Peter Pezaris, New Relic: The DevOps Workflow is Broken

Peter Pezaris is the senior vice president (SVP) of strategy and developer tools at New Relic, a software company that develops cloud-based solutions to help web and app owners track performance. Peter is a recognized expert in the collaboration and social networking space, pioneering several of today’s most commonly used features in real-time messaging. Peter has founded and led several technology companies, including CodeStream, Glip,, and,  the last being one of the first online fantasy sports platforms, which was acquired by CBS in 1999. 

In his GitKon 2022 session: The DevOps Workflow is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It., Peter will talk about how to create a better way forward for DevOps to enable better experiences and results from developers, ops engineers, teams, and organizations alike. 

“Modern day DevOps has a lot of misalignment, inefficient communication, and broken toolchains.” laments Peter. “We need to put an end to these challenges so developers can write and run great code and make well-informed, data-based decisions.” 

Hezheng Yin, Merico: Implementing DORA in 15 Min or Less 

Hezheng Yin is CTO and co-founder at Merico, a software company that provides code contribution analytics to developers and teams, where he leads the global engineering and research teams. Hezheng earned his bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and is a dedicated pioneer in applying technology to improve software development, currently serving as the maintainer of Apache DevLake. 

In his GitKon 2022 session: Implementing DORA in 15 Minutes or Less, Hezheng will demonstrate a fast and practical approach to implementing DORA metrics and other productivity measures to guide community and teams. 

“I’m going to teach attendees actionable techniques and solutions to bring more transparency to their team,” says Hezheng. “This includes data collection, data analysis, and creating a dashboard with DORA metrics.” 

DJ Schleen, Yahoo!: As Far Left as You Can Go…with Git Hooks

DJ Schleen is a DevOps pioneer and security advocate who provides thought leadership to organizations looking to integrate security into their DevOps practices. DJ comes from a practitioner background and specializes in building progressive application security programs, automating security in DevOps environments, and breaking down organizational silos that inhibit the delivery of safer software.

In his GitKon 2022 session: As Far Left as You Can Go – Integrating with Git Hooks, DJ will introduce attendees to local action pipelines, Git hooks, and how to use both to break commits to address security, build, and quality issues before code hits a remote repository. 

“In DevOps and DevSecOps, people often talk about shifting left to ensure that feedback makes its way back to developers when there are merge conflicts, build breaks, or production issues,” notes DJ.  “Developers can ensure they’re going as far left as possible by integrating with Git hooks, and I look forward to sharing this insight with GitKon attendees.”

Nitish Garg, Oscar Health: CI Challenges with Large Monorepos

Nitish Garg has been working on infrastructure as a staff software engineer at Oscar Health for four years, building and maintaining developer tools, and prior to that, worked for Bloomberg.

In his GitKon 2022 session: CI Challenges with Large Monorepos, Nitish will show attendees how to address three three main challenges associated with using continuous integration with large monorepos in Git: 

1. Calculating changed tests on a pull request

2. Caching large monorepos on remote CI servers

3. Caching related third parties defined in your monorepo

Adam Culp, Learning A-Z: Packages Anywhere! And They’re Yours!

Adam Culp is a senior principal software engineer at Learning A-Z, an organization that creates research-based resources for K-6 teachers and students. He is passionate about developing with PHP, contributes to many open-source projects, and organizes the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and the South Florida PHP and Python User Groups (SoFloPHP, SoFloPy). 

In his GitKon 2022 session: Packages Anywhere! And They’re Yours!, Adam will show attendees how to make deployments easier by creating their own packages on GitHub to be later consumed with common package and dependency managers. 

“Modern web-based applications are complex, and developers often fall in the trap of creating monolithic codebases with full-stack frameworks,” explains Adam. “What many developers don’t know is that they can easily avoid these complex monsters with minimal effort using custom packages.” 

Custom packages can be anywhere you have Git, and many service providers offer convenient Git package repositories, which Adam will review in this session. 

Harsh Bardhan Mishra, LocalStack: Building Automated Continuous Integration

Harsh Bardhan Mishra is an open source engineer at LocalStack, a cloud service emulator that creates a test environment in seconds with all the functionalities of a real AWS environment.  Harsh has been a part of various Google open source programs and has contributed to a wide array of projects like SciPy, MetaCall, and Moja Global, a collaborative project under the Linux Foundation that supports ambitious climate action by developing pioneering software.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Building Automated Continuous Integration Workflows for Your Cloud & Serverless Applications, Harsh will demonstrate the power of LocalStack for local testing and integration and show how the CI runner starts LocalStack and executes a test suite, ultimately allowing teams to cut costs and release more confidently.  

“With the dominance of various cloud service providers, engineering teams across the globe are working to optimize cloud development, testing, and deployment, and make these workflows more efficient,” explains Harsh. “Using LocalStack, you can spin up a local test environment in seconds and get the same functionality you would get from a real AWS environment. I look forward to sharing this tool with attendees at the conference.” 

Two of our GitKon 2022 featured speakers will also be talking about DevOps: Brendan O’Leary, developer evangelist at GitLab will be presenting:The Era of Platforms, and Andrew Pankevicius, senior product manager for Jira DevOps at Atlassian will be presenting: DevOps at Scale – What it Really Looks like ot Scale Your Product Org from 1 to 100 People.

Security: Protecting Code Secrets & Reducing Vulnerabilities

We’ve seen an increased focus on security in software development, and Git in particular, as related breaches continue to occur at a more rapid pace. Evaluating the security of a system or product is of utmost importance for the modern day development team.

Audrey Long, Microsoft: Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Secrets Closer

Audrey Long is a senior security software engineer at Microsoft on the commercial software engineering team, which is a global engineering organization that works directly with companies to tackle technical challenges. To Audrey, security is like solving a puzzle, but with real life impact, and she loves to break these puzzles. She holds DoD secret clearance and a Master of Science in Cyber Security from Johns Hopkins.

In her GitKon 2022 session: Keep Your Enemies Close and Your Secrets Closer, Audrey will discuss the popular open source tool: Yelp Detect Secrets, and will showcase how she has wrapped the tool for use in Azure. Attendees will learn how to take results and immediately export them to their backlog and begin using this extension to prevent unwanted access to code. 

“Hackers can exploit lazy developers,” cautions Audrey. “And many of them don’t realize that malicious adversaries can use detect secrets tools to quickly find secrets in their codebase. This session will be helpful for anyone worried about accidentally leaving credentials in their code.”

James Brotsos, Checkmarx: Adding Security Seamlessly

James Brotsos is the head of product and developer advocacy for Checkmarx, an application security platform. James has 15 years of experience with network protocol and kernel development and enjoys participating in IoT hackathons and following IoT technology & trends.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Adding Security Seamlessly within Developers SDLC, James will address why developers should care about security vulnerabilities, where they can identify them within their SDLC (software development lifecycle), and how to best address them. Attendees will learn best practices for how to prevent introducing security vulnerabilities in the future. 

One of our featured speakers, Matias Madou, is the CTO and co-founder of Secure Code Warrior, a company he helped create after realizing how common security code problems are if you don’t teach developers best security practices in the first place. In his session, Knowledge vs Behavior: Insights into Security Upskilling for Developers, he will go over some bad security habits common to most developers and how to easily break them. 

Team Collaboration & Developer Experience

In the remote world we are living in, the ways in which we collaborate and communicate, and the tools we choose to use, have never had more of a focus. Furthermore, keeping developers and other team members feeling engaged in new working environments can have a significant impact on the quality of performance and group efficiency.  

Michelle Mannering, GitHub: Building the Dream Team

Michelle “Mish Manners” Mannering is a developer advocate at GitHub, where she creates unique experiences and engages with the GitHub developer community through hackathons, speaking at events, and streaming live on Twitch. She is a founder of several tech companies and a compassionate leader with keen interest in driving entrepreneurial culture and pioneering Melbourne’s esports industry. 

In her GitKon 2022 session: Building the Dream Team, Michelle will show attendees why it’s important to build teams where developers and non-developers work better together, and how to encourage cross-departmental collaboration.

“Collaboration is so important, but it’s also nothing new,” notes Michelle. “As the future of work continues to move towards this soft skill, it’s becoming more challenging to build the ultimate dream team and work effectively across an entire organization.” 

Bill Harding, GitClear: Improve Developer Happiness with Git Data

Bill Harding, CEO and developer at GitClear, a developer tool for GitHub and GitLab provided code analysis, got his start by leading development on Gameboy games like Narnia and Lord of the Rings. From there, he built a Rails website that in 2010 grew to become, an online marketplace with 40,000 active sellers vending 30M items. The experience of leading a fast-growing developer team gave Bill a firsthand look at the challenges of maintaining fertile working conditions for a rapidly growing dev team.

In his GitKon 2022 session, 3 Ways Git Data Can Improve Dev Happiness, Bill will explore how to use data to create visual progress, reduce unnecessary meetings, and help new team members discover their strengths.

“I will present GitKon attendees with  three actionable ideas to leverage Git data to optimize for developer happiness using free tools,” promises Bill. “This can lead to more enlightened teams and happier work environments.” 

Shawna O’Neal, Dodgy Code: Tearing Down Project Silos

Shawna O’Neal is an experienced web developer and co-founder of her own agency: Dodgy Code, a modern web development agency. When she isn’t consumed in code, you can find her advising her clients on ways to optimize their project workflow. Her technical specialties include PHP development, API integrations, content management systems, and technical SEO. 

In her GitKon 2022 session: Tearing Down Project Silos, Shawna will look at the “assembly line” that most teams adopt, how it can lead to problematic communication silos, and where separation of concerns can break down into disjointed work and sloppy outcomes. 

“Modern web and software projects have reached a level of complexity that demands more resources to get the job done,” explains Shawna. “And that includes people: people to design, strategize, build, test, and manage other people.” 

So what happens when we have a lot of people, with separate focuses, all working on the same thing? Attendees will learn how to tackle project redundancies, mismatched expectations, and endless QA pipelines, and will leave with easily adoptable tools, mindsets, and techniques that can help even remote teams work in tandem smoothly.

June Cho, Zeplin: Design Systems Built with Data

June Cho is a developer advocate at Zeplin, a software company that provides an inclusive workspace for team members of various disciplines like product managers, UX designers, writers, and more. At Zeplin, June focuses on connecting design to development, and helps teams deliver on the promise of design.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Design Systems Built with Data, June will provide practical tips and inspiration for how to leverage data to improve the design system and drive adoption. 

“Today, engineers spend a lot of time building components in design systems, but only a few people actually use them,” says June. “Just like how we measure products and features to make improvements, there needs to be a way to measure the impact and usage of a design system so we can make informed decisions.”

Ruth Cheesley, Acquia: So You’ve Got a Community…Now What?

Ruth Cheesley is the Mautic project lead at Acquia, supporting the community that builds and maintains the world’s first open source marketing automation platform. She is an open source advocate with over 18 years of experience using and contributing to many different projects. Ruth loves cats, running, and is based in the East of England.

In her GitKon 2022 session, So You’ve Got a Community…Now What?, Ruth will explore some key challenges faced when scaling a community, top tips for setting up a project for success. 

“Growing and scaling communities in the open source world isn’t without its challenges,” explains Ruth. “As a project starts to gain traction, there is often a need for more contributors, but this can make it difficult to set up workflows and processes that empower community members to take on more responsibility.” 

Project maintainers will learn how to keep an eye on community health, even as they tackle a million other priorities.

Living Spec Team: Just Write it Down – Embracing Imperfection

Dylan Schiemann, CEO, and Nemanja Tosic, CTO, are the co-founders of Living Spec. Dylan has been an entrepreneur and a presence in the JavaScript and TypeScript communities for more than 20 years, and is the co-creator of the Dojo framework and the earlier Dojo Toolkit. Nemanja is a dedicated software craftsman with a passion for transforming ideas into products, an avid follower of the continuous delivery paradigm, and a fan of domain-driven design. 

In their GitKon 2022 session: Just Write it Down: Embracing Imperfection, Dylan and Nemanja will share their experiences in just writing things down and getting early feedback, rather than waiting to perfect something before sharing it with others. 

“The chances of things getting done increase exponentially when we write them down and quickly share them with others,” says Dylan. “But people are often filled with doubt about being imperfect, but the time and effort to perfect before sharing delays the benefits of collaborating early and often.” 

Dylan and Nemanja will also explain how their frustrations with tools and process led them to create Livign Spec, a platform that encourages collaborative specs that live over the lifecycle of the products we create.

Sarah (Schmitt) Fruy, Linqia: What I Learned Managing a Remote Team

Sarah Fruy is the VP of marketing at Linqia where she is responsible for everything from brand and product marketing to demand generation. Sarah is a ScrumMaster® and Certified Agile Marketer with over 15 years of experience in online advertising, digital media, and website operations, and marketing strategy and digital marketing certifications from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. 

In her GitKon 2022 session: Long-Distance Lessons: What I Learned Managing a Remote Team, Sarah will cover best practices for running meetings, communicating with your colleagues, and being a leader in chaotic times.

“What it means to be a good manager has changed a lot over the past few years,” notes Sarah.  “Not only have office dynamics changed, but employee attitudes towards work have also shifted. The time you spend with your team needs to be well-planned and intentional.”  

Steve Pereira, Visible Value Stream Consulting: Flow Engineering

Steve Periera is CEO and founder of Visible Value Stream Consulting, a company offering collaborative mapping workshops to help teams enable alignment, performance, and flow. Steve is obsessed with making tech human and leveraging it to deliver continuous value. For the past 20 years, Steve’s focus has been on sharing mapping techniques to guide ambitious and struggling teams.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Flow Engineering – Boost Velocity, Quality, and Happiness, Steve will introduce the four powerful mapping techniques and models of Flow Engineering that build clarity, alignment, and confidence: Outcome, Value Stream, Dependency, and Capability.

“It’s difficult to make time for real innovation and improvement, know when to automate, and get everyone on your team aligned to meet your next performance target,” says Steve. “I’m excited to teach attendees at GitKon how to uncover hidden insights to create a powerful roadmap of actions to improve their team’s workflow.”  

Two of our featured speakers will also be discussing topics related to team collaboration, community, and collaboration. Ruth Vela, director of global technology experience at Nextiva, will present: TechEX: The Human Side of Building and Enabling Remote Engineering Teams; and Demetris Cheatham, director of diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategy, will present: Let’s Open Source Diversity and Inclusion!

Developer Skills: Tools, Tips, & Lessons Learned

The software development field is constantly evolving, making it crucial for devs to stay on top of emerging trends, tools, and technologies to keep their skills on the cutting edge. GitKon will be a great opportunity for developers of all skill levels to increase their knowledge and enhance their toolset. 

Reynald Adolphe, Microsoft: Hidden Gems in VS Code

Reynald Adolphe is a senior developer advocate at Microsoft. Working at a variety of small & large consulting firms throughout his career, Reynald evolved from a .NET/Java developer to a full-stack programmer. Renald enjoys producing online courses, attending live meetup events, and writing comedy. He created and produced a show called  Code Kitchen: a tech talk show featuring popular tech speakers, musicians, and comedians.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Hidden Gems in Visual Studio Code, Reynald will go over some of the features in Visual Studio Code that he considers “hidden gems, ”and believes most users are unaware of. 

Mark Parmenter, Amazon: Lessons Learned from AWS Migrations

Mark Parmenter is a software development engineer at Amazon and is passionate about creating software solutions.  He has led successful AWS migrations at two companies, and has a proven track record, including starting his own software consulting company. 

In his GitKon 2022 session: From the Cabinet to the Cloud: Lessons Learned from AWS Migrations, Mark will teach attendees about tools and strategies they can use to make their cloud migration smoother, make their infrastructure more robust, and make intentional and informed decisions along the way. 

“If you’re considering migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, you’re probably looking for ways to do it smarter, faster, and cheaper,” suggests Mark. “I’m really excited to help GitKon attendees uncover the unanticipated benefits a cloud migration can offer.” 

Michael Miles, MIT Sloan: Delete Your Code

Mike Miles is the director of web development at MIT Sloan, where he leads the development, maintenance and growth of the digital properties for the school, as well as, the development team that supports them. He is also the host of the podcast Developing Up, which is focused on career growth and the non-technical side of being a developer. 

In his GitKon 2022 sesion, Delete Your Code, Mike will explain the benefits of deleting old code from a codebase, how to feel confident doing so, and how to best utilize a Git repository to keep track of and restore deleted code.  

“Deleting code feels permanent, absolute, and hard to undo,” explains Mike. “Developers often think it’s simpler to comment out the code instead, so it can be recovered if needed. But doing this can cause future headaches for everyone on the team.” 

Derrick Stolee, GitHub: Git Internals – A Database Perspective

Derrick Stolee is a principal software engineer at GitHub where he has been a Git contributor working on performance and scale for over five years. Some of his biggest contributions include the commit-graph file, reachability algorithms, cone-mode sparse-checkout, and the sparse index. As a former educator, Stolee still loves to teach users new Git tricks whenever possible.

In his GitKon 2022 sesion: Git Internals: A Database Perspective, Stolee will give attendees the opportunity to learn about Git database internals so you can advance your use of Git to the next level. 

“The inner workings of Git’s object database can be a mystery to most users,” Stolee points out. “Incorporating a database into your infrastructure typically involves learning about database internals like table indexes, query plans, and sharding. Similar features also exist in Git, and learning how to use them will really enhance your Git workflow.”

Nicolas Fränkel, Apache APISIX: Keep Your Developer CV Updated with Git

Nicolas Fränkel is a developer advocate with 15+ years experience consulting for various customers in multiple industries including telecom, banking, insurance, retail, and the public sector. Nicolas is passionate about  Java/Java EE, Spring Technologies, rich internet applications, testing, CI/CD, and DevOps, and he conducts training sessions and writes books in his spare time. 

In his GitKon 2022 session: Keep Your Developer CV Updated with Git, GitHub and GitHub Actions, Nicolas will show attendees how to keep their GitHub profile updated with automation tools like GitHub Actions. 

It has been said that GitHub is a developer’s CV; just a quick look at someone’s commit history can tell recruiters all they need to know. But what if your company doesn’t publish their source code in a public GitHub repo? GitHub recently allowed developers the ability to customize their profiles, so even if your commit history has more white than green, for example, you can provide a good entry-point for potential employers. 

“Keeping the data on your GitHub profile up-to-date can feel cumbersome, and just like anything else, the result will only be as good as the effort you put in,” says Nicolas. “I’m excited to share with GitKon attendees that this can be achieved with minimal effort and the help of automation tools. 

Greg Bulmash, Seattle CoderDojo: SEO and Discoverability in Public Repos

Greg Bulmash is the founder of Seattle CoderDojo, and has been blogging since before the word “blog” was coined. Greg has spoken at developer conferences on three continents about everything from teaching kids to code to digital identity management to Amazon Alexa developer tools, and he even has an illustrated fairy tale about recursion on YouTube

In his GitKon 2022 session: SEO and Discoverability in Public Repos, Greg will walk attendees through the basics of applying good SEO practices to Git repos, both for external search engines and GitHub’s internal search, so customers can find the content they need.

“Many people don’t know that they can use public Git repos to do things like share snippets of code and demo apps with 3rd-party developers,” explains Greg. “It will be great to show GitKon attendees how they can take advantage of the hidden benefits of public Git repositories and GitHub search.” 

Tomas Reimers, Graphite: Stacking Pull Requests

Tomas Reimers is a co-founder at Graphite, a company re-building code review for fast-moving teams while taking inspiration from the internal tooling at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others. Prior to starting Graphite, Tomas was a software engineer at Facebook working on mobile product infrastructure and servicing over 1000 developers across the company who were building products such as search, news feed, integrity, shopping, etc. Tomas is passionate about serving developers and finding ways to accelerate the speed of software development.

In his GitKon 2022 session: Stacking PRs: How to be a 10x Engineer, Tomas will talk about why developers should consider “stacking” as a workflow, how to make it easier, and tools that enable you to get started today. 

“Stacking” is a workflow that involves developers branching off of previous feature branches rather than a trunk. 

“The advantage of this approach is that you can avoid blockers while building new, dependent features, and you can write smaller pull requests, leading to faster review cycles and fewer merge conflicts,” explains Tomas.  “But despite the benefits, many people avoid it because native Git lacks built-in support for this strategy. I will show attendees how to combat this hurdle so they too can embrace stacking as a workflow strategy.” 

Two of our featured speakers will also be discussing topics related to leveling up developer knowledge and skills. Beyang Liu, CTO and co-founder of Sourcegraph, will present: A Dev’s Thoughts on Developer Productivity, and Brigit Murtaugh, product manager for the VS Code team at Microsoft, will present: Dev Containers: A Consistent Environment Anywhere You Work.  

GitKraken Sessions

As the event hosts, GitKraken is excited to present three special sessions featuring internal team members: Eric Amodio, CTO and creator of GitLens for VS Code; Justin Roberts, product director; Manning Fisher, Creative Director; and Jeff Schinella, product director. 

Jeff Schinella: How Fast is Too Fast – Cycle Time and Throughput

In Jeff’s GitKon session: How Fast is Too Fast? What You Should Know about Cycle Time & Throughput, Jeff will  explore how developers can leverage cycle time and throughput metrics to start asking the right questions and make optimal changes to expedite the time it takes to review and merge code changes. 

A Chat with Eric Amodio: From Dev to Entrepreneur to Tech Exec

In this special GitKon 2022 session: From Developer to Entrepreneur to Tech Exec: A Chat with Eric Amodio, the Founder of GitLens and CTO of GitKraken, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, senior editor and writer at Appfire, will sit down with Eric over a fireside chat to discuss his journey from developer to entrepreneur to tech exec.  

Attendees can expect to hear valuable insights into what it takes to transition a “nights and weekends” open source project to an application with over 15 million installations, being acquired, and working to grow both a free and paid user and customer base simultaneously. 

Justin Roberts and Manning Fisher: Design is the Difference

Manning Fisher, GitKraken’s creative director, and Justin Roberts, director of product for GitKraken Client, work tirelessly to ensure GitKraken tools are purpose-built with developer experience (DX) at the forefront. This means researching, designing, measuring and optimizing every feature, every flow, and every view. 

In this GitKon 2022 session: Design is the Difference: Why UX & UI are Critical in Creating Great Developer Experiences, Justin and Fisher will share why design has been so critical to winning the hearts and minds of over 20 million developers who use GitKraken tools today. They will talk about what defines a “great design,” the opportunities and challenges of building products for the developer audience, and debate whether there’s still room for creativity in a data-obsessed age of measuring everything and expecting a quick return. 

Attendees can expect to enjoy a passionate discussion and likely spirited debate filled with examples from dev-focused brands they admire and are inspired by.

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