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GitKon Schedule Announced

GitKon Git Conference Schedule

GitKon is happening on September 22 – 23, 2021, and we are thrilled to unveil the official GitKon schedule for 2021! 

Each day features amazing keynote sessions, talks from world-class experts, and panel discussions that will inspire you to better leverage Git to collaborate better and be more productive. Check out the GitKon schedule and mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on any of these phenomenal learning opportunities.   

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Git experts across the world – FOR FREE!

Watch The Session Recordings

We want to help everyone get the most out of this unique Git conference, so we’ve put together some thoughts on how you can best experience GitKon: 

A Git Conference for Everyone 

On the GitKon Sessions page, you will find all the featured Git conference sessions organized by topic. 

  • GitKon KeynotesMatt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify and Edward Thomson, Product Manager at GitHub who oversees npm and is the maintainer of libgit2, as our featured GitKon keynote speakers for 2021. You won’t want to miss these GitKon keynotes, no matter your experience level or area of focus! 
  • Git User and Team Experiences – One of the reasons Git has become the industry standard version control is because of the ways it enables teams to collaborate efficiently.  The Git User and Team Experiences talks, presented by Johannes Schindelin from Microsoft (maintainer of Git for Windows), Leslie Chapman from Comcast, and Michelle Mannering from GitHub, will give insight into the benefits of Git collaboration, and how we can extend them well beyond development teams and software projects.
  • Non-Developer Uses Of Git – While most people think of Git exclusively alongside software development, it can be used for a lot of things.  Zoe Bachman from Codecademy, Kevin Owocki from GitCoin, and Jessi Shakarian from DIA Design Guild, will shine some light on how Git touches areas beyond just source code versioning. 
  • DevOps and Git – Modern development teams rely on continuous integration and continuous deployment, or CI/CD pipelines. Brendan O’Leary of GitLab and Angel Rivera from CircleCI will dive into DevOps best practices and concepts that will help any team be more productive as they push code faster. 
  • Git With Services and Frameworks – Git is so powerful because it can be leveraged for such a wide variety of projects.  Adam Culp of Learning A-Z, Adam Wride from BigBrassBand, and Facundo Giuliani from Storyblok will showcase some specific and unique use cases made possible by Git. 
  • Git Tips and Tricks – While every talk is going to be full of great information on using Git, we know that some folks want to tune into talks about how they can better leverage the tool itself. Dylan Beattie from Ursatile, and creator of the RockStar language, will give some great insights into the power Git can unleash. 
  • GitKon Panels – We are very proud to present two GitKon panel discussions.
    Get ready to enjoy “Git Tips And Tricks I Wish I Had Known Sooner” featuring speakers from Ymir, Enova, LinearB, Cyral, and Kanopi Studios. We also have a very special GitKon panel: “Q&A With The GitKraken Product Team,” an excellent and rare opportunity to hear from the team making GitKraken! 

For All Experience Levels

In each GitKon session listing, we have added labels to help identify what Git experience level the talk is primarily intended to serve. We encourage everyone to attend all the sessions, but know it’s helpful to know what you’re getting into before you tune in. Even if you’re a true beginner or have never touched Git yourself, you’re sure to get something from each of these GitKon sessions.

No matter if the GitKon session is listed for “All (General information for everyone),” “Intermediate,” or even “Advanced (For experts who want to dive deep),” everyone will walk away inspired and with a fresh perspective on how to use Git.  

Share this Git Conference on Social

We are using the hashtag #GitKon for all things related to this incredible tech conference.  Don’t be afraid to tell the world what you are excited about during the Git conference, like what new Git tips and tricks you are picking up.  

During the Git conference, we will be showing off the top Tweets using the #GitKon hashtag. Be sure to follow @GitKraken so you don’t miss anything!.

Eager to share? Each GitKon session page has a couple of pre-populated social posts ready to go! Just click the Twitter or Facebook icons. 

Join the GitKon Conversation on Discord

No developer conference could truly be called a developer conference without the ability to network by interacting with the other attendees, speakers, and hosts. Since GitKon is an online tech conference, we are adopting one of the most popular and powerful chat tools out there: Discord.

We will be emailing all registered GitKon attendees before the Git conference with a Discord invitation for the official server.  While you can use Discord through the browser, we recommend downloading the desktop client for the best overall experience. 

If you have not registered for the GitKon Git conference yet, do it soon to make sure you have access!    

Ask Speakers Your Git Questions

After each GitKon keynote and session, we will be engaging in live Q&A with the presenter. We will be taking questions from attendees through Discord throughout each talk, and our GitKon hosts will select the top questions to discuss with the speakers.  

GitKon speakers and panel members plan to be logged into Discord to interact with the audience during their presentations.  This is a great way to share your knowledge and resources with the rest of the Git community! 

Register for the Global Git Conference Today

We are very excited to have so many fantastic GitKon speakers, representing so many areas of focus, at this unique virtual developer conference. Our goal is to unite all Git users to connect and learn from one another. We hope you will join in to learn more about leveraging the world’s most popular version control system. Register today! 👇

Watch these GitKon sessions to level up your Git skills. 🆙

Watch The Session Recordings

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