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GitKon: Global Git Conference

Join us for the first-ever GitKon: a virtual Git conference taking place September 22 – 23, 2021: Register now

GitKon is for the Git user that wants to explore new heights and the possibilities of what the most popular version control system in the world can accomplish. We’re talking developers, academics, students and anyone else united not just by their usage of an extremely powerful tool, but by their belief that through it, productivity, collaboration, and progress as we know it can and will be taken to new heights. 

Hear from peers, industry leaders and distinguished speakers on topics ranging from non-developer uses for Git to complex DevOps workflow and best practices. Participate in stimulating panel discussions on innovative Git uses, relevant issues, and pave the way for future innovations to come!

What does the future of Git hold?

GitKon is your chance to pioneer new uses and strategies for Git and apply them in your field. Being a pioneer means blazing a trail and creating something new. 

Hundreds of years ago, being a pioneer meant hiking through the harsh elements, limited food supply, and if you know anything about Oregon Trail, it meant you would most likely die a less than glamorous death of dysentery. Those were the plains pioneers. Nowadays you can be a pioneer in your industry from the air-conditioned comfort of your workspace armed with your Chipotle and fancy keyboard. 

While the comforts involved in pioneering have certainly changed, the importance of going where no one else has gone before and finding improved strategies for those who come after you is just as noble and important. Now if you’re prepared to refine the Git skills you already have, challenge your perceptions about what Git can really do, and collaborate with some of the most innovative minds in tech to create a better future, then GitKon is for you!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Git experts across the world – FOR FREE!

Watch The Session Recordings

Learn from Git Conference Speakers

GitKon is a gathering of brilliant minds. Speakers from different backgrounds and industries were selected to speak on topics you can relate to including DevOps, GitOps, and more! Each of our industry seasoned speakers offer a variety of best practices, unique perspectives, and share a vision for an even greater future for collaboration and success through Git. 

We are particularly excited to announce keynote speaker, Matt Biilmann. Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Netlify, one of the fastest-growing web development platforms. He is also recognized for coining the term “Jamstack.” 

Hearing from Matt and other GitKon speakers will inspire attendees from the novice Git user to the seasoned developer to re-imagine Git’s potential. Stay up to date with GitKon announcements, including speaker updates, as they’re released.

Virtual Git Conference Networking

Imagine the value of hundreds of creative minds from different backgrounds, with different ideas, each contributing to one another’s understanding and proficiency in Git tools and functionality. A wealth of knowledge, support, problem-solving, and networking opportunities await each GitKon participant. Because of its global scale, GitKon offers the unique opportunity to participate in panel discussions with Git users not only in different fields, but from all over the world. Come ready to share your best tips and tricks, and be prepared to leave with even more. 

Take Your Git Skills to the Next Level

Git is a tool. And a tool is only as good as the person wielding it. That’s why GitKon aims to provide its attendees with the resources and knowledge they need to become more proficient users. This is where the Git Pioneer differentiates entirely from the pioneers of the plains. While old school pioneers worked with basic tools to accomplish rudimentary tasks, the Git Pioneer works with infinitely complex tools and resources with potential limited only by the scope and creativity of the user. GitKon is the catalyst for inspiration, the launch point for your industry-changing ideas. So what will you choose?

Watch these GitKon sessions to level up your Git skills. 🆙

Watch The Session Recordings

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