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GitKraken Acquires BigBrassBand, Creator of Git Integration for Jira

GitKraken Acquires BigBrassBand, Creator of Git Integration for Jira

As part of GitKraken’s ongoing mission to make software developers and Agile DevOps teams more productive using Git, we are excited to announce today that we are bringing another Git collaboration tool into the Kraken family: Git Integration for Jira by BigBrassBand. 

Over 3.6 million users across more than 10,000 companies rely on Git Integration for Jira to integrate Git repo data with Jira issues. Git Integration for Jira is an enterprise-grade Jira plug-in that solves key issues when combining repo data with issues – such as performance, scalability, authentication, and scope of permissions and visibility, enabling a more seamless experience for managing Jira issues.

Git Integration for Jira is the most popular paid Atlassian Marketplace app for integrating Git and Jira DevOps workflows. This acquisition brings together over 6 million Git users at 85,000 companies worldwide and will unlock exciting possibilities for developers and DevOps teams centered around Git. 

“Developers love GitKraken because it makes Git simpler, faster, and more powerful for their development teams” GitKraken CEO, Wayne Williams said. “The acquisition of Git Integration for Jira enables us to further enhance Git productivity for millions of companies that leverage both Git and Jira. We look forward to continuing to extend and enhance the capabilities of both products.”

Git Integration for Jira combines Git data and workflows into a Jira team’s project and issue-oriented context, while GitKraken presents Jira issues and projects to developers in a highly visual and intuitive Git environment. By leveraging the GitKraken Git Client in combination with Git Integration for Jira, teams using Git and Jira can now switch seamlessly between multiple developer workspaces while maintaining access to all the Git repo information and actions they need. 

Git Integration for Jira

Git integration for Jira helps development teams bridge the gap between issue tracking and Git by providing Git repository information like commits, branches, pull requests, and tags in the context of Jira issues and projects on Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center and Jira Server. It allows development teams to integrate any Git repository, including those hosted with popular services like GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, and Gerrit, into Atlassian’s Jira platform.

Git Integration for Jira has been highly rated and reviewed by customers since 2012 when it launched in the Atlassian Marketplace. BigBrassBand has worked closely with Atlassian on supporting the latest versions of Jira to meet the highest standards in the Atlassian Marketplace. BigBrassBand is a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner, Cloud Fortified and Data Center Approved, and just recently invested further in reliability and security by completing a SOC2 security audit in July 2021.

GitKraken’s Git Client also connects Jira users with Git, but from the context of a dedicated Git workspace. GitKraken’s Jira integration enables Jira Cloud and Jira Server users to view, create, edit, filter, and even create branches tied to Jira issues. The acquisition of BigBrassBand’s Git integration for Jira means, even more, will be possible for Jira users in GitKraken. 

The Future of Git Integration for Jira

When asked about the acquisition, BigBrassBand CEO Adam Wride said, “Teams rely heavily on Git to manage all aspects of software development, and Git Integration for Jira provides visibility, accountability and automation for all stakeholders in Jira, regardless of technical know-how. Joining the GitKraken team will allow us to offer even better Git productivity to individual developers while coordinating with teams to accomplish their goals.”

The GitKraken team is very excited to have BigBrassBand join our ranks and will remain focused on supporting the Git Integration for Jira customers. In fact, today, GitKraken and Git Integration for Jira both released new features for developers, testers, product managers, and project managers. These new versions enable seamless bi-directional transitions between the desktop client and Jira. 

  • The latest Git Integration for Jira releases for Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center now provide “deep links” for commits, branches, and tags to open them directly in GitKraken. 
  • The GitKraken v8 release provides the ability to open commits and file diffs related to Jira issues in Git Integration for Jira, enabling quick transitions between the two tools.

These two leading tools joining forces means the future of Git-driven development will continue to get faster, easier, and more powerful. Developers and Agile DevOps teams can expect their experience working with GitKraken and Git Integration for Jira to continue to improve, enabling even greater Git productivity. 

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