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GitKraken Ambassador Program: Introducing the Next Generation

Back in 2019, we introduced the world to the first group of GitKraken Ambassadors. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand the program. Many of our Ambassadors focused on local live events, such as Meetups to spread their love of GitKraken. Unfortunately, the realities of 2020 and 2021 have meant that these events have been put on hold and we have had to rethink this portion of our Ambassador program.

Fortunately, our community of Ambassadors is resilient and rather creative, which allowed us to reshape the mission to better serve an online and truly global community. We have updated the GitKraken Ambassador program to focus on creating and sharing content around how GitKraken helps them solve problems. As you will see below in the spotlighted content, our Ambassadors have a lot of different backgrounds and each one brings a unique perspective to the mission.  

When we announced this change, we saw a lot of new applicants to the program who were eager to share their love of content creation and GitKraken with the world.  After a careful screening process, we have added a lot of new Ambassadors to the ranks, bringing the total up to over 150 GitKraken Ambassadors worldwide!  

Are you passionate about Git, GitKraken, and sharing your knowledge with others? You sound like a great fit to become a GitKraken Ambassador! 🚀

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These new superheroes come from all walks of life, including college professors, research scientists, product managers, CIOs and so many others. We are proud to have such a diverse and truly global community helping us spread the love of GitKraken around the world! 

GitKraken Ambassador Program Spotlight

While we would love to spotlight every single one of these new Ambassadors, we are only going to spotlight a few here in this post.  Read on to hear a little more about their stories and keep an eye on our social media to see who we spotlight next. 

Lance McCarthy

Lance McCarthy

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Social Media: Twitter

Lance is a dev who specializes in .NET but has his hands in everything from Hololens to bash scripting. During the day, Lance is the Manager of US Technical Support at Progress Software, covering developer tools like Telerik and Kendo UI. Off hours, you can find him helping developers in the community (for which Microsoft has awarded him the MVP Award for the past 9 consecutive years), geeking out with home lab gear, and maintaining his personal apps.

Content Spotlight: Pull Requests in GitKraken

“GitKraken is akin to a magic toolbox that contains more tools than you imagined could fit inside the box 😎 With GitKraken, I am able to handle all my source control, project planning, issue investigation/resolution and CI-CD needs using a single intuitive and powerful user experience.”

José Luis González Sánchez

José Luis González Sánchez

Location: Leganés, Madrid

Social Media: Twitter

José holds a PhD in Software Development. He is very passionate about teaching the art of developing web/mobile apps and having fun learning and experimenting with new technologies – which he writes about on his website. Outside of tech, he loves playing tennis as well as playing rock music with his guitars.🎸

Content Spotlight: GitKraken superpoder para tus proyectos (GitKraken superpower for your projects)

I love GitKraken, it is the perfect tool for teaching and using Git and improving productivity in my classes. It is very powerful and usable. With Boards and Timelines, they are an unbeatable team.

Ayesha Iftikhar

Ayesha Iftikhar

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Social Media: Twitter

Ayesha is a Software Engineer, working as a Flutter Developer, and certainly passionate about open source. She shared her knowledge on Medium.

Content Spotlight: GitKraken and its uses

The thing I loved most about GitKraken is the feasibility and how easy it is to use. It makes it really easy to manage my Git workflow.

Beau Nouvelle

Beau Nouvelle

Location: Victoria, Australia

Social Media: Twitter

Beau is a full-stack Swift Development Consultant, Author of “Simulations in Swift”, Indie Developer and YouTube content creator.

Content Spotlight: Top 10 Software Tools for iOS Developers

Tool of Choice: The UI/UX of GitKraken is far above anything else out there. You can tell that it’s designed with a lot of care and attention to detail.

Cathy Richards

Cathy Richards

Location: Missouri, USA

Social Media: Twitter

Cathy is passionate about making tech inclusive & accessible to everyone, and she strives to create content that’s easy to digest for programmers of all levels.  In addition to her interests as a software engineer, Cathy dabbles in all sorts of making, from 3D printing to resin pouring. She is most active on Instagram, where she shares updates about ongoing projects and her quest to learn a little of everything.

Content Spotlight: Intro to React Select pt. 1 with an accompanying video Intro to React Select!

GitKraken is a perfect way to visualize code changes, whether you’re new to Git or a seasoned pro.

Teodoro Garcia

Teodoro Garcia

Location: Texas, USA

Social Media: Twitter

A former public school teacher who saw the light of software engineering through the Linux terminal. Teodoro made a career change to break into tech and hopes to help others learn how to code and discover useful tools to add to their belt.

Content Spotlight: Cloning a repository with GitKraken vs the Terminal!

Gitkraken is the best tool for helping get out of a pinch whenever I mistakenly merge into the wrong branch. It really is a life saver and has saved me a whole lot of time due to its simplicity and visual UI.

Duane Chetcuti

Duane Chetcuti

Location: Qormi, Malta

Social Media: Instagram

A passionate web developer from the tiny island of Malta, Duane enjoys learning and experimenting with new technologies while sharing his knowledge and experiences on social media. He’s always creating some product or project in public, as it inspires others to do so too.

Content Spotlight: How I built my Jamstack Blog in 2021

I enjoy using GitKraken because it makes Git not just easier, but more powerful, without having to remember a bunch of commands.

Tamara Wijsman

Tamara Wijsman

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Social Media: Twitter

Tamara Wijsman is a Software Engineer from Belgium. She loves Spring Cloud (Java) and Angular (TypeScript) and is also interested in technology, AI, science, security, personal productivity, and health.

Content SpotlightSimple User-Friendly Git Work with GitKraken

GitKraken is my tool of choice because you can easily manage many Git repositories without much effort.

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