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GitKraken Boards: New Trello Importer

The latest release to GitKraken Boards is nothing short of monumental, including a Trello importer, giving users the ability to copy Trello boards with full card details into GitKraken Boards, and a complete makeover of the Home Screen, including board starter templates.  

GitKraken Boards: Now with Trello Importer!

Home Screen with Board Templates 

🏡We know quarantine has got you spending more time at home than you might like, so we wanted to bring you some extra hospitality with a new Home Screen in GitKraken Boards.

You will now see a Home button in the top navigation bar. The Home Screen provides an easy path for creating a new board from scratch. 

Alternatively, you can take advantage of one of the available starter board templates: 

  • Starter Kanban 
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Sprint/Release Cycle
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Backlog 

Beneath the board templates is a section to Connect to GitHub.

GitKraken Boards + GitHub Integrations: 

The right side of the Home Screen offers a section for Recent Boards which shows your five most recently visited boards, and you will see a section for each of your organizations, listing suggested org boards to join for which you are not yet a part of. Furthermore, there’s a Resources section listing quick links to helpful resources about GitKraken Boards. 

Trello Import Tool for GitKraken Boards

Last but certainly not least, the Home Screen in GitKraken Boards includes a section for the brand new Trello import tool. 

From the Home Screen, click the Import next to the Trello logo to begin the OAuth connection.

Once the connection has been established, you will have the option to select which Trello board you want to import into GitKraken Boards. Additionally, you will be able to select which card fields you want copied over. 

You will also have the chance to invite any Trello board members to become members of the board once imported to GitKraken Boards so they can continue to collaborate with you. If your team member does not yet have a GitKraken Boards account, they will be invited to sign up via email. If they do, they will receive a notification in GitKraken Boards.

Once the import is complete, which can take a few minutes depending on how much data you’re copying over, your new board will open in GitKraken Boards, featuring all of the columns and cards from your Trello board, in addition to any of the card fields you selected.

Pretty nice, right? 

A Better Way to Trello 

Whether you’re starting a new issue board from scratch, taking a little inspiration from one of our starter templates, or importing a Trello board, you’re sure to enjoy the latest updates to GitKraken Boards.

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