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GitKraken Git GUI v7.3: GitHub Issue Tracking Integration

Mighty Keif the Kraken has reached across the interweb to join tentacles with his good friend Mona the Octocat once again. 🦑🤝🐙 But this time, it’s all about the issues. 

The GitKraken Git GUI now supports issue tracking integrations for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise! If you already use GitKraken to manage your GitHub repositories, optimize your workflow even further with new benefits offered in GitKraken Git GUI v7.3.

If you use GitHub or GitHub Enterprise issue trackers, you can now accomplish the following actions directly from the GitKraken Git GUI:

  • View GitHub issues 
  • Create filters for GitHub issues 
  • View GitHub issue details
  • Create branches tied to GitHub issues
  • Edit the assignee(s) of a GitHub issue*
  • Edit the state of a GitHub issue*
  • Add/remove labels on a GitHub issue*
  • Comment on a GitHub issue*
  • Create new GitHub issues* 

*Paid features. 

Even if you don’t use GitHub Issues, GitKraken Git GUI v7.3 includes more ink-credible features and improvements. Let’s dive in! 🌊

Integrating Your Issue Tracker

Courtesy of this release, we have improved the setup process for all integrated issue trackers. 

Navigate to Preferences → Issue Tracker and select your issue tracker of choice from a dropdown menu. Here, you may also choose to select a default issue tracker for all repos.

View and Filter GitHub Issues 

Once connected, your issue tracker will appear in the issue section on the left panel. 

Make it easy to find the issues you access the most by creating filters for your GitHub issues.

View and Edit GitHub Issue Details 

Hover over an issue from the left panel to see a preview. From here, you may also select an issue to see complete issue details in a dedicated view. 

From the details view, paid GitKraken Git GUI users can complete the following edits to GitHub and GitHub Enterprise issues:

  • Edit assignee of issue 
  • Edit state of issue
  • Add/remove labels
  • Leave a comment

To edit GitHub issues, upgrade to a paid GitKraken Git GUI plan!

See Plans & Pricing

Create Branches Tied to GitHub Issues

From the details view, you can also create branches tied to GitHub issues. You will have the ability to select the base of the branch, and the issue title will become the name of the branch. 

Create New GitHub Issues

The GitHub Issues integration allows you to create new issues directly from the GitKraken Git GUI. Simply click the green + button next to your GitHub issue tracker from the left panel to open the GitHub issue template. 

Complete the fields—required fields will have an asterisk—and click Create Issue. Once created, you may view the issue directly on GitHub or GitHub Enterprise.

To create new GitHub issues, upgrade to a paid GitKraken Git GUI plan!

See Plans & Pricing

And, to make things even easier, you can click on an issue from the left panel to access options to View issue in GitHub or Copy issue link

More Updates in v7.3 

In addition to adding GitHub and GitHub Enterprise issue tracking integration, GitKraken Git GUI v7.3 has treasures for everyone. 

Set Default Branch Name

Now, when you initialize a new repository in the GitKraken Git GUI, you will have the ability to set a default branch name. This can also be configured from the Preferences menu. 

More Options for Forking Repositories

More gold for GitHub users! 🏅

Create Forks for Remote GitHub Repos 

When working with a GitHub repository in the GitKraken Git GUI, you will now see a context menu option in the left panel to fork a remote repository, if you don’t already have an existing fork. 

Add Existing Fork to Cloned GitHub Repos

You will now see a dismissible pop-up in the left panel giving you the option to add an existing fork of a cloned GitHub repository. 

Improve Your GitHub Issues with GitKraken 

No more need for context switching to stay on track of your GitHub or GitHub Enterprise issues. Use the available GitKraken Git GUI issue tracking integrations—Jira CloudJira ServerGitKraken BoardsTrelloGitLabGitLab Self-Managed, GitHub, and GitHub Enterprise—to optimize your workflow and git more done. 

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