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Releasing the Power of Git

GitKraken v3.0

We’re excited to announce that you can now super size your files because Git large file storage (LFS) support is available in the GitKraken v3.0 release!

Nothing makes us happier than making your feature requests and social media wishes come true. And while I’d love to highlight all of our LFS super fans on social media, we have a special place in our hearts for Nicola and Gabriel…

Facebook wishes granted! Stay in touch guys <3


Check out this short video to see how LFS works in GitKraken or just keep reading.

To get started with LFS in GitKraken, you’ll need to have Git LFS installed. Then, in GitKraken, navigate to Preferences > LFS BETA > initialize LFS on this repo. You’ll also want to specify the file types for LFS to track.

Once initialized, you’ll see an LFS icon in the toolbar which you can use to interact with files on your LFS server.

Any files tracked with LFS will be marked with an LFS icon in the right panel. When you click to view the diff of the file, you will see the SHA reference instead of the file itself.

For more help with LFS setup, check out our LFS support documentation on how to get started with LFS in GitKraken.

Speedy Multi-Select

You can now multi-select files in the right panel! Simply select a file and then hold Shift to select a range or use Cmd/Ctrl to multi-select individual files.

Improved Right Panel Performance

We’ve improved navigation with arrow keys in the file tree view and scrolling through the file list in the right panel.

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