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Smoother than a Lumberjack

We’ve been chipping away at it, and have now made tree-mendous improvements throughout the app to increase performance and significantly reduce memory consumption! Scrolling through the graph is now smoother than a lumberjack on Timber. Plus, you’ll notice faster history and blame loading.


Pull Request Templates

LumberKeif swiped right on GitHub, GitLab, and VSTS, and GitKraken now supports those pull request templates. (Note: We support Azure DevOps with legacy VSTS URLs.) The PR template dropdown menu will appear when you create a new pull request in GitKraken, which should allow you to fill in the details more easily.

If you’re stumped on how to get started with pull request templates, check out these instructions for GitHub Pull Request templatesGitLab Merge Request templates, and VSTS Pull Request templates.

Replace Commit Author Gravatars

If you want to axe a commit author’s Gravatar image, you can now replace it with the author’s initials. Just go to Preferences → UI Preferences to update your user commit icons.

More Fuzzy Finder Options

We’ve spruced up the Fuzzy Finder by adding two additional options: “Open File” and “View File,” which will allow you to search for any file and then open it in GitKraken’s file editor. This should make editing files even faster than a lumberjill wielding a chainsaw at the Lumberjack World Championship (LWC).

TIL: A lumberjill is a female lumberjack, and the LWC is a very real international competition showcasing the best sawing, chopping, speed climbing, log rolling and boom-running. Mind-blown!


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