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Releasing the Power of Git

Introducing the GitKraken Ambassadors

At Axosoft, one of our primary goals is to educate developers around the world about the power of using Git with GitKraken. We can’t be everywhere all the time though, and we don’t know your local tech communities like you do. So, we recently launched the GitKraken Ambassador Program in order to work more closely with professional and student developers globally to teach devs how to be more productive using our tools. 

After carefully evaluating hundreds of applications from over 60 countries, we are proud to welcome our first group of 71 ambassadors from 31 countries including: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, the United States, and Zambia.

These individuals are passionate about learning, teaching and engaging with their local tech communities. Let’s meet a few! 🤝

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Bruno Germano

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Twitter: @egermano

Based in beautiful Brazil, Bruno has been using GitKraken since the early days. He’s most active on his O Bruno Germano YouTube channel, which touts 57,000 subscribers.

Bruno creates content in Portuguese and focuses on development, including must-have dev tools like GitKraken, Bitcoin, AI, and other tech-related topics.

Josey Howarth

Location: Leeds, England

Twitter: @JoseyHowarth

Fun Fact: Josey is an avid (and fast) reader; she has read 600 books in the last 12 months!

Josey has been a longtime GitKraken user and advocate, with a particular affinity for our Kraken Mascot, Keif. We even created the Keifa Lovelace, based on famed female computer scientist, Ada Lovelace, just for her!

GitKraken is a very visual tool. Everyone I mentor, build workflows for, etc—especially those just getting started in the world of Git—find it much easier to grasp how it all interlocks due to the GUI.

Josey is the Director of Love Sudo, a digital agency helping brands tell their story, and co-hosts DNI (Documentation Not Included), a live stream and podcast about software development on Twitch.

P.S. Check out this DNI episode, Have App Idea, ???, Profit!, featuring GitKraken’s own VP of Product, Hamid Shojaee!

Gatare Libère

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Twitter: @LibereGatare

Gatare is a natural born leader and teacher, taking it upon himself to share his knowledge of development with many others in his community. As a student at Kabarak University, Gatare is great about sharing GitKraken student resources with his peers.

Something I love most about software development is that there’s always an emergence of new tools that makes my workflow easier.

Gatare is a computer science undergrad specializing in UX/UI design, the Co-Lead of the Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Kabarak University, and enjoys playing volleyball and basketball in his spare time.

Marcin Zajkowski

Location: Pruszków, Poland

Twitter: @zajkowskimarcin

Fun Fact: Marcin was formerly a semi-professional basketball player. 🏀 Alley-oop!

Passionate about open-source, Marcin is extremely active in his local developer community and beyond. He shares his expertise frequently, whether speaking at events, hands-on mentorship and training, or on the #umbraCoffee YouTube channel.

The thing I love most about software development is the infinite possibilities of what we can achieve with it.

Not only does Marcin excel in development, he also frequently shares his insights on social media marketing. Earning over 4,000 followers on his Instagram, Marcin shares tips on increasing your Instagram audience and mastering social media in his upcoming book, “The Busy Programmer’s Guide to Social Media.”

Also serving as an Umbraco MVP, Marcin knows all too well what being a brand ambassador entails. We look forward to having our GitKraken tutorials translated into Polish! Stay tuned…

Pivendren Naik

Location: Umhlanga, South Africa

Twitter: @ErrorNaik

Fun Fact: Pivendren once did an image recognition session in a banana costume during a DJI drone experiment to identify real bananas from people in banana costumes. 

A frequent speaker at conferences around the world, Pivendren is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other developers and techies. He also serves as a Microsoft MVP and teaches students about development and Gitusing GitKraken as the preferred client of course!

Every person I motivate in the slightest to take up a tech career is a win for me.

We’re looking forward to seeing more photos of Pivendren rocking GitKraken swag as he travels the globe!

Paul O’Brien

Location: Norfolk, England

Twitter: @PaulOBrien

An IT Director by day, Paul boasts an impressive Twitter following of over 34,000. Passionate about mobile, cloud, and Linux, he believes in bridging the gap between technology and humans.

Paul writes frequently on various tech products on his blog; we appreciate his focus on UX, an element we take very seriously here at GitKraken.

Benjamin Mitchinson

Location: Iowa, United States

Twitter: @115bwm

Fun Fact: Ben helped created Computer Comfort at the University of Iowa, where over 100 students share the mission of shrinking the digital divide between generations by educating older adults on today’s technology.

Ben is currently an engineering student at the University of Iowa and already loves giving back to fellow devs.

Being a small part of so many students foundations to their upcoming career is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had, and I hope to encourage others to do the same!

Serving as both the president of his school’s CS club, Computer Comfort, and mentorship chair of HackIowa, Ben loves connecting with others passionate about software development and gaming.

Join the GitKraken Ambassadors

Are you a professional or student using Git for version control? Do you love using the GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards to increase your productivity? Are you passionate about learning, creating, and sharing technical content and expertise? Are you community-oriented and enjoy interacting with other techies?

You sound like the perfect fit to join our growing community of GitKraken Ambassadors and GUI advocates! Learn more about the program and how to apply.

Benefits of joining the program include a free GitKraken Pro license, exclusive content, access to our Product Team, swag, and more!

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