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GitKon Panels Announcement

More GitKon Speakers Announced

GitKon is coming soon September 22 – 23, 2021 and we’re still bringing the heat with more amazing speakers. 

These world-class speakers and thought leaders from different backgrounds and industries are coming together to inspire you with topics ranging from DevOps and team workflows, to using Git with specific services and frameworks, and more! Each of our amazing speakers offers a variety of best practices, unique perspectives, and shares a vision for an even greater future for collaboration and success by leveraging Git. 

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from Git experts across the world – FOR FREE!

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We are very proud to introduce our second round of speakers for GitKon 2021!

Michelle Mannering from GitHub

Michelle Mannering

Known as the “Hackathon Queen” Michelle works as a Developer Advocate for GitHub. As part of the DevRel team, she’s able to listen to the community, understand them, and provide them with the tools and resources to succeed in open source. You’ll often find Michelle talking about collaboration, good documentation, open-source, and live coding.

Come be a part of the revolutionization and reimagining of effective teamwork in Michelle’s talk, “Using Git For Ultimate Teamwork”. You’ll leave inspired with new opportunities for collaboration and the tools to apply them in your organization whether you are a developer or not. 

We are beyond excited to learn from Michelle’s experiences on such a highly relevant topic as the industry continues to improve upon the collaborative team structure. See what GitKraken is doing to enhance the experience of Git for teams

Zoe Bachman from Codecademy

Zoe Bachman

As the Sr. Curriculum Manager at Codecademy and a creative technologist, Zoe finds new ways to make learning code more accessible and engaging. She’s designed a range of Codecademy courses including “Learn HTML“, “Learn C#“, and the beginner-friendly “Learn How to Code“. A member of the Illuminator and founder of the feminist tech collective tendernet, Zoe is passionately working to change the tech landscape through creative interventions and education initiatives.

You’ll want to tune into her talk, “Git and the Learning Journey” to hear how she and Codecademy have approached the process of learning Git and what they’ve learned through teaching thousands of individuals how to use Git.

GitKraken knows that the learning curve for Git can be pretty steep and extremely time consuming. That’s why we’ve done our best to create helpful resources like our popular Git tutorial library.

Facundo Giuliani from Storyblok

Facundo Giuliani

Facundo is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a graduate of National Technological University, Facundo has more than 15 years of experience in software development. Facundo is making his mark by contributing as a Full Stack Developer, GitKraken Ambassador, Auth0 Ambassador, Prisma Ambassador, open source contributor, and Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and follow his adventures on his personal website.

Learn how to create websites with better performance, more security, easier scaling, and cheaper costs in Facundo’s talk, “Jamstack: Deploying blazing-fast static sites using Git.” 

We love to help developers focus on what they love, be it Jamstack, traditional CMS, or any other way they like to build applications. You can get a bit more familiar with Jamstack deployments before GitKon with this webinar. 

Jessi Shakarian on Writing a Git Book

Jessi Shakarian

Jessie is a UX Designer at DIA Design Guild in Los Angeles and a python developer interested in machine learning. Jessi got her start in tech as a developer, but also she loved everything that happened before it was time to build a website. She is currently writing a book about the strategy and structure of chess and how it applies to digital spaces. 

Jessi’s talk, “Writing a book using Git: how Git can keep you organized on a project” draws upon personal experiences writing her book to demonstrate how you can leverage the power of Git in innovative ways that go beyond coding.

Git is used by so many people in so many ways. We are happy to bring people together to learn about how people are leveraging the power of Git in creative ways at GitKon. 

Johannes Schindelin from Git for Windows

Johannes Schindelin

Johannes Schindelin works at Microsoft maintaining Git for Windows, and improving the user experience. Git for Windows is a lightweight, native set of tools that bring the full feature set of the Git SCM to Windows while providing appropriate user interfaces for experienced Git users. With PHD’s in genetics, number theory, psychology, and neuroscience, Johannes is an avid knowledge seeker. He has a passion for combining mathematical thinking with programming and social skills to contribute to and manage interdisciplinary projects.

In Johannes’s talk, “Git for Windows, and the challenges of cross-platform collaboration” he will share lessons he has learned in overcoming compatibility issues that all too often slow down teams and workflows.

GitKraken has always been committed to providing a consistent, cross-platform experience for our users. We are proud to be used by Git fans on Windows, Mac, & Linux. 

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With diverse backgrounds and a plethora of experience, this amazing GitKon speaker lineup has the power to help you reimagine your team’s potential and the possibilities for Git. Be on the lookout for more GitKon announcements about our panels and more coming soon. Seize this opportunity for renewed inspiration and learn new ways to leverage Git by joining us at GitKon! 

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