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Hear Why Customers Love GitKraken

“I’m a command line junkie, but I use GitKraken in a few ways to enhance my command line experience with Git…It’s a lot easier to come into GitKraken and use the diff tools to fix anything that went wrong with a rebase.”

Ken S, Ionic

“Being an enthusiast for intuitive and seamless UIs, I was immediately drawn to this tool. When you start diving deeper, you realize the remarkable user experience that the developers at Axosoft have created.”

Michael C, Sensa Technologies

“When I found GitKraken, everything was so much easier. It saves a lot of time! And the addition of the Glo Boards has been a game changer. We have our whole team on it, whether they are developers or not.”

James P, TeamBuildr

“I’m no stranger to the command line, but I love the version history available through GitKraken, and the easy diff tool integrations.”

Bruce B, Adobe

“GitKraken made what would have otherwise been a pretty daunting transition [to Git], simple with great versioning controls and a really easy to follow UI.”

Nathan M, Johnson Controls

“[GitKraken] has been nothing but helpful for us to hire on new developers that have never used Git software—or have never used the CLI—to just jump right in and use our version control.”

Teyler H, Nonprofit Organization

“When we’re modifying, staging, and committing, not needing to use Terminal commands is very valuable for me and my time. Being able to focus on what matters most is why I use GitKraken.”

Justin W, Catapult

“I love using GitKraken because it makes collaboration easy. It provides my teammates and I with a simple way to visualize changes and track progress.”

Amel H, Tufts University


“My favorite feature is the tree view. Git can be so confusing at times, but this visualization tool has helped me and my team sort through many complex merges.”

Jeremiah Z, Intuit

“When I first started using version control, I was so confused using the Terminal. Then, I met GitKraken! I was able to easily do and see the actions that I was doing.”

Maisa M, CodeAcademy

“I like that I can easily ignore files, drag and drop to merge branches, and add tags to my commits.”

Chris O, Student

“GitKraken has turned me from being a child with a nuclear bomb using Git, to a doctor with surgical precision in my commits and Git history editing.”

Theko L, Axoni

“The reason we like GitKraken so much is because it really speeds up our workflow, and with the addition of Glo Boards, it reduces the number of programs we use.”

John G, Homi

“I use GitKraken because I learn visually, and Git is not very intuitive if you see things visually. GitKraken has been the #1 tool I’ve used to learn Git.”

John F, Heupr

“I love the interface of GitKraken; it makes my Git workflow so seamless and easy. Everything is just easy to see visually, and it’s just what I would expect it to be.”

Matt G, The Nerdery

“I’ve been using GitKraken for over a year, and my favorite thing about it—by far—is just how easy it is to use.”

Jake R, PREMIER System Integrators

“Everything is very easy to use. We love GitKraken and will definitely continue using it.”

Daming L, PaddlePaddle

“I started using GitKraken because it hides the mundane Git commands, and it makes updating projects easy and convenient.”

Andrew P.

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Hear Why Ambassadors Love GitKraken

“The GUI, besides being beautiful and easy to understand, makes everything easier than the command line. Even the most complex operations are done in a few clicks.”

Andrea Mescalchin, NextTech

“You can do any Git operation easily and leisurely. If you are still thinking about which Git client to use, don’t waste your time, because GitKraken is simply the best.”

Alexander Babich, IT Trainer / Coach

“I was struggling with cherry picking and merging. GitKraken came to the rescue. I believe GitKraken is going places.”

Rohan Taneja, Deloitte

“You can easily follow the Git flow. It supports different profiles so I can easily switch between my working for the company or my private projects on GitHub.”

Thomas Sebastian, medialesson GmbH

“The user interface is excellent and easy to use. GitKraken makes it easy to understand the flow if your Git repositories. No matter if you are just starting out, or are a pro, you will love GitKraken.”

Dorian Hidalgo, Conduent

“GitKraken saves you a lot of time and it increases your productivity.”

Favour Chibuokem, Devjavu

“With GitKraken you have all you need in one place.”

Franklin Fernandez, ICA PUC-Rio

“Enables students to be productive with Git without needing to level up on the command line first.”

Yong Bakos, OSU-Cascades

“GitKraken made my life easier, especially around merge conflicts.”

Rachid Al Kayat, Groupe SII

“GitKraken makes Git much more fun to use. You no longer need to memorize commands and continuously look up ones you forgot.”

Damjan Dimitrov, Actual I.T.

“My favorite part about GitLens is that I can get all the information and context I need without leaving Visual Studio Code.”

Ricardo Jóia, ESW