Git Integration for Jira
Ambassador Program

Who are Git Integration for Jira Ambassadors?

Professionals from all around the world who administer Git Integration for Jira to better manage their workflows.

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Subject matter experts who create articles, videos, and other content to share knowledge.

Book with heart on cover

Individuals who are passionate about learning, creating and sharing technical content.


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Advocates for Git, Git Integration for Jira, and GitKraken!

What do I get?

Git Integration for Jira Ambassadors are building their personal brands by creating world-class, technical content to share with a truly global audience. By working with the Git Integration for Jira  team, you can hone your writing talents, refine your video production abilities, and amplify your reach to millions.

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Access to exclusive quarterly Executive Summary and product roadmap reviews.

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Ambassador Swag: shirt, stickers, socks, and more!

GitKraken Pro Logo

Free and discounted GitKraken product licenses.

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Promotion of your content and access to our team to help with content creation.

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Private Ambassador Slack channel.

Listed on the “Meet the Git Integration for Jira Ambassadors” page (coming soon).

How can Ambassadors contribute?

Create Git Integration for Jira demos and instructional videos or materials.

Share your customer experiences through a video or article.

Write guest articles for the GitKraken blog.

Promote Git Integration for Jira and GitKraken on social media.

Give presentations at your company or public events about Git Integration for Jira.

Answer Git Integration for Jira questions in the GitKraken Slack community.

Write reviews about GitKraken products on sites like G2 and the Atlassian Marketplace.

Work with GitKraken to produce case studies

What are the requirements?

Create at least one new piece of content per year.

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Adhere to Gitkraken’s
brand guidelines and
code of conduct.

GitKraken Logo as a badge

Display the Git Integration for Jira Ambassador logo proudly on your website or other online profiles.

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Stay in touch with us and complete the quarterly check-in form.


If this sounds exciting to you, then you would make an awesome Git Integration for Jira Ambassador. Elevate your status as a Jira and Git expert in the Atlassian and GitKraken communities by joining this elite group of thought leaders. This program will help you build your professional skills, give you better insight into the evolution of Git Integration for Jira, and provide value to the global tech community. Plus, you’ll get some legendary swag!

What’s in it for us, you ask? Our goal is to educate Jira users and admins everywhere about the power of using Git Integration for Jira to help their teams communicate more efficiently. You’ll contribute by creating community content including customer stories and testimonial videos, articles about the product case studies, product reviews, or anything else that helps spread the word. Like any good project and community, we’ll need to collaborate, share feedback, and iterate along the way. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to help all Jira users collaborate more effectively with Git!