GitKraken Use Cases

Monitor and adapt development plans based on team activity

Issue status is a flawed indicator of work being on (or off)  track. The Team Insights for Jira timeline view shows combined Jira/Git activity across projects, epics, and sprints so planners can see what work is on track and what needs attention.
What we solve

Plan != reality

If only every plan was executed on time, perfectly. The reality is plans often don’t reflect reality. Issue status is not a good indicator of what’s going on with an issue, and opening up every issue to look at the finer details is both inefficient and not realistic.

Use activity to identify
risks and trends

With Team Insights for Jira, you can compare your planned work (e.g. Epic, sprint) against real user activity – utilizing user activity as a proxy for status. The activity timeline presents you with a list of issues based on your filter. It then shows a heatmap for each day based on activity. Activity could include issue details updated, comments, time logged, Git commits, and more. Easily spot stale issues and issues at risk. Or even see trends like pull requests remaining open for too long without review.
See a detailed explanation of issue status

Get ahead of potential problems

When having meetings, stand ups and retrospectives become more efficient and productive because you can easily bring up the activity that was done in that time frame (not just ‘status’). You’ll also be able to bother developers less and be able to ask more informed questions when you do need to talk with them.

Easily spot issues that need attention with
these Team Insights for Jira features