Get Started with GitKraken Pro Suite

Free through the GitHub Student Developer Pack

How do I get started?

If you don’t already have GitKraken:

Download GitKraken Git GUI

Sign Up for GitKraken Boards

Then log in via the GitKraken app, using your GitHub credentials. Make sure you’ve signed up for the .

If you do already have GitKraken:

Even if you are already signed in through GitHub, you will need to go to   Sign into a different account and log in with your GitHub credentials.

  • Please note, it is important that you sign in with GitHub so we can confirm your student developer status with GitHub.

  • Once you’ve logged in, you should see the shiny PRO icon in all three GitKraken applications.

  • We will make every effort to provide support for students using the GitKraken Pro Suite for free, but response to support tickets is not guaranteed.

What do I get with the GitKraken Pro Suite?

GitKraken Git GUI

The GitKraken Git GUI is a cross-platform client for Windows, Mac, & Linux, simplifying complicated Git commands into drag-and-drop actions. GitKraken offers seamless integrations with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. Resolve merge conflicts without leaving the app, and use GitHub Actions to create workflow automations.

GitKraken Boards

GitKraken Boards provides a more productive way to track issues from inside the GitKraken Git GUI, a browser, mobile app, or inside of Atom or VS Code! GitKraken Boards syncs in real-time with GitHub Issues and GitHub Milestones. Link cards to GitHub pull requests, check PR/build statuses and auto-update cards from GitKraken Boards. Use GitHub Actions to automate your workflow.

GitKraken Timelines

GitKraken Timelines helps you stay organized by visualizing your upcoming project milestones and deadlines in a linear timeline. Add items that need to be completed for each milestone. Create timelines for each class or project and then view them layered on top of each other. Add images to milestones and as background images.