Git Packages Anywhere! And They’re Yours!

Modern web-based applications are complex, and developers fall in the trap of creating monolithic codebases at every turn with full-stack frameworks. However, avoiding these complex monsters has never been easier with minimal effort, using custom packages. 

Custom packages can be anywhere you have Git, and many service providers offer convenient Git package repositories. Adam Culp goes over how to easily create packages on GitHub to be later consumed with common package and dependency managers, making deployments easier.

Adam Culp is a senior principal software engineer at Learning A-Z, an organization that creates research-based resources for K-6 teachers and students. He is passionate about developing with PHP, contributes to many open-source projects, and organizes the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and the South Florida PHP and Python User Groups (SoFloPHP, SoFloPy. When he’s not coding, Adam can be found indoor rock climbing, hiking around the U.S. National Parks, teaching judo, and long-distance (ultra) running.

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