GitHub All In Program: DEI in Open Source

In 2021, GitHub launched All In, a community focused on advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity within open source. By working hand-in-hand with the greater open source community, including corporate partners, industry leaders, researchers, and foundations, they were able to accomplish some incredible achievements with the GitHub All In program: 

  • 1,000+ community members
  • 17 founding partners 
  • 7 education institution partners 
  • Inaugural student cohort with 30 students

GitHub All In Program Student CoHort

The first class of students from the GitHub All In program cohort went through a 12-month pilot course in partnership with universities that have been historically under-resourced.

The goal of the GitHub student program is to expose students to open source and provide a pathway to participate in an internship program with one of the GitHub All In program corporate partners. 

In the first group of students, over 90% accepted internship offers. 

GitHub All In Program University Partners

To ensure the program was supporting students across diverse lived experiences, GitHub worked closely with department chairs and professors. They didn’t want to exclude students who have to commute two hours to campus because they can’t afford housing, or students providing caregiver support, or student athletes that have year-round physical training requirements. 

Through university partnerships, the GitHub All In program was able to provide students with stipends, technology resources, better technical education, career development, and more. 

GitHub All In Program for Maintainers 

Also in 2021, GitHub launched All in for Maintainers, a program focused on providing training and technical support to maintainers seeking to advance diversity and inclusion in their communities. 

As part of this program, GitHub went on a Maintainer’s Listening Tour which highlighted the urgency for the open source community to address persistent themes impacting inclusion. 

Results from the Tour show key areas of request support from maintainers, which included a centralized repository of DEI resources and tools for attracting contributors with diverse backgrounds. 

What’s Next for the GitHub All In Program

GitHub looks forward to building on the success of their first GitHub All In student cohort,the Maintainer’s Listening Tour, and Open Source DEI Survey to continue to embrace diversity and inclusion in open source. 

Learn more about the GitHub All In program and how you can get involved in expanding diversity, inclusion, and equity in open source. 

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