GitKraken Use Cases

Minimize distractions, maximize productivity

Being a developer often means juggling tasks. One moment you’re deep in your feature, the next you’re reviewing a pull request from another branch. This constant bouncing around, this context switching, breaks your rhythm and slows you down. Plus, dissecting the PR and its connection to the commit history can be a tough puzzle.
What we solve

Power-up with Focus View

GitLens presents Focus View: a consolidated view of your PR details, from author to changes, right in your editor. No more swapping between pages. Stay in the coding zone.
Focus on your project

Discover code clarity with
the Commit Graph

A vivid, easy-to-comprehend visualization of your project history. View the effects of each commit across branches. Keep your focus sharp by simplifying your understanding of the project’s evolution.
Visualize project history

Code insight through Visual File History

Unravel the narrative of each file, right within your editor. Understand your code’s evolution, identify patterns, and anomalies, without breaking your workflow.
Minimize context switching

The result: seamless focus, enhanced productivity

With GitLens, your focus remains undisturbed as these tools are readily available within your editor. The user-friendly approach to understanding your code’s journey can enhance problem-solving, aid in code reviews, and foster improved team collaboration. Stay focused, stay productive. Learn more

More use cases

Quickly View
Code Changes
Efficient Code Workflows