GitKraken Use Cases

Quickly viewing code change details with GitLens

As a developer, keeping track of every change in a codebase is a complex task, especially when working in large teams or on extensive projects. It’s difficult to understand who made a specific code change, when it was made, and most importantly, why it was made.
What we solve

Immediate insight into code changes

GitLens offers immediate insight – hover over a line or block of code, and you’ll see a ‘git blame’ annotation with all the details. Need to understand the history of a function or method? GitLens’ CodeLens feature comes into play, providing useful information above each code block about its modification history.
Never leave your editor

Tracing the evolution of code

When your task involves tracing changes across multiple commits, GitLens steps in to simplify the process. You can search through commit histories and compare code changes across different commits without ever needing to leave your editor.
See complete history

Deep dive into Line History

If you need a comprehensive understanding of a specific line of code, the Line History feature is your tool. It allows you to see a complete history of changes for that line, providing a clear picture of its evolution over time.

Answers at your fingertips

The result: improved insight into code evolution

GitLens puts these essential tools at your fingertips, right in your editor. This comprehensive approach to understanding your code’s history can improve problem-solving, aid in code reviews, and foster better team collaboration. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions and write better code. Learn more

More use cases

Reduce Context Switching
Efficient Code Workflows