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Meet our GitKraken Ambassadors

GitKraken Ambassadors are a group of professionals from all around the world who love sharing their knowledge about Git and the GitKraken Git Client. They are passionate about learning and sharing technical expertise by creating articles, videos, and other content. 

Interested in being a GitKraken Ambassador? Read more about the program and apply on the GitKraken Ambassador program page. 

Rachid Al Khayat

Rachid Al Kayat 🇫🇷

France-based, multi-experienced, and competent software and mobile application consultant. Besides his experience in digital circuit design & microcontrollers, he is a passionate software application developer favoring web & mobile applications.

GitKraken Content

Asharib Ahmed

Asharib Ahmed 🇵🇰

Asharib is a practicing Muslim, working as a Data Scientist :technologist::skin-tone-3: and currently pursuing bachelor’s focused on computer science:student::skin-tone-2:. He is leading other tech communities like GDSC, MLSA, AWS community builder:rocket:.

Calvin Allen

Calvin Allen 🇺🇸

Calvin is the Lead Software Engineer at Star Leasing Company, headquartered in Columbus, OH, where he works with the .NET ecosystem on a daily basis. Outside of work, Calvin hosts his own podcast, .NET Bytes, and is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.

Farhan Ashraf 🇵🇰

Building communities, uplifting beginners, loves automation and security, aiming for DevSecOps.

George ApostolidisGeorge Apostolidis

George Apostolidis 🇬🇷

George is studying Applied Informatics at University of Macedonia, his dream is to make people lives better, and programming gives him the opportunity to accomplish that.
George works on Web Development and right now he is preparing his thesis.

Alexander Babich

Alexander Babich 🇺🇦

Alexander Babich has years of IT and teaching experience and holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering, as well as many professional certifications, statuses, and awards. His superpower is the ability to explain things in plain English (or Russian or Ukrainian). He works at Poltava Polytechnic Professional College 💻 and also works as a freelance trainer/consultant.

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Wyatt Baggett

Wyatt Baggett 🇺🇸

Wyatt is a development team lead at CallMiner, focusing on full-stack features using .NET, Angular, and MongoDB. He loves to help people learn to program. You’ll probably find him reposting memes from r/ProgrammerHumor, or working on an API.

Yong Bakos 🇺🇸

Yong teaches Computer Science through the art and craft of software engineering at OSU Cascades. He is working on launching a new BS Software Engineering degree and believes all universities should create one, separate from computer science. He also works on Rhizome, a post-desktop, non-WIMP, information centric OS shell that makes the modern web look like Gopher!

Luiz Felipe Bernardo

Luiz Felipe Bernardo 🇧🇷

Manish Bhattarai

Manish Bhattarai🇳🇵

Manish is a highly motivated, versatile, and consistent professional. He is experienced in building and maintaining business relationships and excelling in fast-paced team environments.

He has worked in various technical and non-technical communities and successfully conducted many events.

GitKraken Ambassador - Rajan Bhattarai

Rajan Bhattarai🇳🇵

Software Engineer 💻 🏡 Grad. Student, MCS. 🎓 Class of ’23. GitKraken Ambassador 2021/22. Works with Ruby / Rails.

Khlaifia Bilel

Khlaifia Bilel 🇹🇳

Bilel is an assistant professor in the Tunisian aviation school of Borj Elamri, where he teaches GPU-Accelerated data science and robotics. He is an NVIDIA Jetson specialist ambassador and deep learning Instructor, GitHub campus advisor, and a DeepLearning.Ai ambassador as well.

He thinks GitKraken Desktop is a game-changer, as it is the best way to integrate Git practices within his team of students and academic researchers team daily tasks. It helps prevent errors and helps the teams organize tasks and projects.

Steven Boland

Steven Boland 🇮🇪

Steven focuses on retro “indie” game development.

Kevin Bost 🇺🇸

Kevin is passionate about open source development and teaching others how to code. He is a Microsoft MVP and loves all things C#, XAML, WPF, and Azure. Kevin currently maintains several open source projects including Material Design in XAML, Moq.AutoMocker, ShowMeTheXAML, and XAMLTest.

Frank Boucher

Frank Boucher 🇨🇦

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping developer communities with Azure

– GitKraken Ambassador

– Member of The Live Coders

– 📺 Frank’s YouTube

Thimo Buchheister

Thimo Buchheister 🇩🇪

Thimo is the CEO at ThreeB IT, a German start-up company focused on process management and automation in the logistics sector. He works on .Net and Cloud solutions on a daily basis and is an overall tech enthusiast.

Gustavo Cevallos

Gustavo Cevallos 🇪🇨

Gustavo is a full stack developer and machine learning enthusiast. His passion is to simplify things with technology. When he’s not studying, he is a volunteer firefighter in Guayaquil. He also loves to write on his blog in Spanish and make videos about tech.

GitKraken Content

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan 🇮🇳

Talk to Shubhendra about Open-Source, Hackathons and Developer Communities.

Favour Chibuokem 🇳🇬

Favour has always been intrigued by communication and how it works. This led her to start writing at a young age. Over the years she slowly transitioned into content writing as a career. She currently work as a Freelance Content Writer while completing my B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Radostin Cholakov 🇧🇬

Radostin is an ambitious student working in the field of Machine Learning and Software Engineering and has been programming since he was 9 years old. Founder of the NLP platform AzBuki.ML which aims to help Bulgarian businesses integrate machine learning solutions in their products. He is currently doing research in the field of time series forecasting and architecture of production-scale AI platforms.

Josephine Chong

Josephine Chong 🇦🇺

Josephine is a protégé developer at MYOB (Australia) currently learning C# with the aim to become a full-stack developer at the company. She is passionate about writing clean code and encouraging more women in tech.

Robbie Cook GitKraken Ambassador

Robbie Cook 🇳🇿

Robbie is a remote fullstack engineer in New Zealand. He works with AWS serverless and IaC systems.
He writes a blog, loves chilling out, and enjoys life at home with his partner and cat.

Casey Crouse

Casey Crouse 🇺🇸

Casey is a Principal Consultant, focusing on the architecture and implementation of large scale web applications using Microsoft stack. He is passionate about writing code, new technology and gaming!

Simone Cuomo

Simone Cuomo 🇬🇧

Simone is a Software Architect. VueJs fan, Javascript lover, and accessibility fan. He also considers himself a PWA explorer, an AWS amateur, indie game hobbyist, and super dad.

Anthony Dang

Anthony Dang 🇬🇧

Anthony has worked in web development since 2007. He is active in the open source community (in particular the Umbraco CMS), and Umbraco MVP, writes tech articles, and is a regular organizer & presenter at conferences and tech meetups. He lives and breathes automation and development processes, and is a vocal proponent of Behaviour/Test Driven Development.

Jan De Dobbeleer 🇧🇪

CTO, Microsoft MVP, GitKraken Ambassador and in 2016 became the creator/maintainer of oh-my-posh, a prompt theming engine for Powershell and beyond.

Originally, Jan started out as a watchmaker but transitioned into software development to pursue his passion. The baby steps he took as a WindowsPhone developer moved him into interesting positions as app developer, Team lead all the way to managing more people and teams. 

Alexandru Dejanu

Alexandru Dejanu 🇷🇴


Luca Del Puppo 🇮🇹

I’m a Full Stack Developer and Microsoft MVP. I love javascript and typescript. In my free time, I love to study new technologies or something about improving myself and do trail running in my love Dolomiti.

Alexius Diakogiannis 🇱🇺

Alexius is the Author of, co-admin of the biggest programmers group in Greece. He is a Lead Software Architect, Scrum Master, for the last 17 years. He is a passionate archer, noob runner, road cyclist, as well as a Linux lover, and JAVA geek! He has also been a speaker at many conferences and contributes to open source projects.

He believes GitKraken is the easiest and safest way to integrate good Git practices within the team and prevent errors.

Lucas Sampaio Dias

Lucas Sampaio Dias 🇧🇷

Lucas is a software engineer specialized in Unity (C#) and Java, with years of experience and official certification. Developing fast and with great quality is his motto!

Damjan Dimitrov

Damjan Dimitrov

Damjan is a computer science graduate with three years of professional software engineering experience. He is very passionate about technology and is continuously intrigued by programming tools, frameworks, techniques, and languages.

His current interests are mainly web development and cybersecurity, and in his free time, he also likes learning about game development.

Stefan Doychev

Stefan Doychev 🇧🇬

Stefan Doychev is a passionate mobile app and game developer and a game jam veteran. Co-organizer of events like Hardcore Game Jam and the Hack & Design Challenge, Stefan is very interested in the latest technology trends and the application of those in the mobile world.

Dubois Sebastien

Sebastien Dubois 🇧🇪

Sebastien writes books and articles about programming, on topics such as TypeScript, web development, React, Angular, and NestJS. He also writes about knowledge management, productivity and other related subjects.

Njong Emy 🇨🇲

Njong Emy is a college undergrad pursuing a bachelor’s in computer engineering. She is also a technical writer at LogRocket and loves everything open source. You can find her perusing Twitter in her free time, or watching a movie.

Panagiotis Evgeniou 🇨🇾

Cybersecurity Web Engineer.

Alabo Excel

Alabo Excel 🇳🇬

Alabo Excel is a front-end web developer, passionate about building student communities and sharing knowledge both offline and online.

Michelangelo Franco 🇮🇹

Michelangelo has over 20 years of developer experience in .NET and SQL Server using C#, MVC, TDD, Agile, T/Sql.

Xamarin Mobile Certified Developer since 2015.

Hichem Fantar

Hichem is a passionate engineer and community builder whose joy lies in assisting others in their learning journey, and actively seeks opportunities to collaborate on projects and teams that align with his enthusiasm for innovation, simplicity, problem-solving, and enjoying the process! He creates educational content for developers and actively contributes to open source projects, accessible on his GitHub.

Some of the languages he uses regularly are: TypeScript, PHP, Python, and Rust.

Søren Friis 🇩🇰

Tech lead infrastructure/devops team.

Giulio Gabrieli 🇮🇹

Giulio is a PhD Student at the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), whose work focuses on bridging the gap between traditional Psychophysiology and advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models.

Holger Flick GitKraken Ambassador

Dr. Holger Flick 🇩🇪 🇺🇸

Dr. Holger Flick studied computer science at the University of Dortmund and received his doctorate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr
University in Bochum.

He has been programming with Delphi since 1996 and has always been active in the Delphi community. His commitment and extensive knowledge of Delphi programming and other programming languages led to his appointment as Embarcadero Delphi MVP in 2016.

Since 2017, he presents products and solutions of TMS Software as Chief Evangelist in form of numerous technical articles, bilingual video tutorials, and leads through seminars. In 2019, he founded FlixEngineering LLC in the United States of America.

Teodoro Garcia 🇺🇸

Teodoro is currently a software engineer at Infosys, helping to solve client solutions through the power of the web! He is passionate about sharing tips to help make coding more fun and easy to do so everyone can GitKraken!

Mario Garcia

Mario Garcia 🇲🇽

Mario is a long time Free and Open Source Software user and contributor. Marios has also been a speaker at tech and innovation events since 2008. Python and Rust developer. He is a proud member of the GitKraken Ambassadors program. He writes occasionally on about software development and DevOps.

Giancarlos Garza 🇲🇽

23 | Front End Dev and coffee lover ☕ 
@GitKraken Ambassador 
Maker of &

Bruno Germano de Andrade

Bruno Germano de Andrade 🇧🇷

Bruno is a developer lifestyle content creator, software engineer, and Dev Advocate from Brazil. He is passionate about coding and maker culture.

Facundo Giuliani

Facundo Giuliani 🇦🇷

Facundo is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has more than 15 years of experience in software development.
He is also a Systems Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Auth0 Ambassador, Prisma Ambassador, and a Cloudinary Media Developer Expert.

Bruce Gomes

Bruce Gomes 🇧🇷 🇺🇸

Bruce is a Software Engineer from Brazil but based in Spokane, WA. Currently works on everything WPF/C# but with experience in iOS/Mac development and Cloud Infrastructure Automation. What really matters for Bruce is learning the right tool needed to accomplish the job.

Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez 🇪🇨

Daniel is Colombian, a Software Engineer, and Microsoft MVP who is passionate about technology for the benefit of society. Daniel is also the founder of the Virtual DEV Show.

He loves contributing to the Developer Technologies, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence communities.

Jose Luis González

Jose Luis González 🇪🇸

Jose holds a PhD in Software development and is passionate about teaching the art of developing web/mobile apps.

He loves having fun learning and experimenting with new technologies.

Jason Gutierrez

Jason Gutierrez 🇺🇸

Jason is a C#/.NET developer and coding mentor to junior developers. He is focused on Blazor projects and tinkering with Svelte.

He is passionate about Helping others gain an understanding of Git with GitKraken.

Vicente Guzman 🇲🇽

Vicente has over 10 years of developer experience in .NET. He is a Microsoft MVP in the category of Developer Technologies, an Alibaba Cloud MVP,  a C# Corner MVP and AWS Community Builder.

He is currently working as Advanced App Engineering Specialist at Accenture.

Elmoustapha Houeibib

Elmoustapha Houeibib 🇲🇷

Elmoustapha is a software developer based in Mauritania. He is a tech enthusiast and a fan of the series The Big Bang Theory. He currently works with Django and React.
Josey Howarth

Josey Howarth 🇬🇧

Josey loves working with individuals interested in embracing technology to empower their own goals. She does a lot of development, design, and hosting for WordPress sites.

She’s insanely passionate about security in the technology world.

Mike Huang GitKraken Ambassador

Mike Huang 🇹🇼

Mike is a software developer, GitKraken Ambassador, Microsoft MVP and Angular GDE.
He have over 10 years of web development experience and passion to share his knowledge.

Davide Imola 🇮🇹

DevOps engineer at Milkman Technologies with a strong avocation towards GitOps, Cloud-Native architectures, serverless infrastructure, High Availability and automation. In his spare time he likes watching movies or series, listening to music and playing or watching football.

Efstathios Iosifidis

Efstathios Iosifidis 🇬🇷

Efstahios is a veterinarian, content creator, junior Python developer, translator, social media strategist, and an open source community Builder.

Kieran Jacobsen 🇦🇺

He/Him. Microsoft MVP and GitKraken Ambassador.
🌏 Posh Security.
🏳‍🌈 Gay.
🐱 Cat owner.

Bryan Jenks GitKraken Ambassador

Bryan Jenks 🇺🇸

Bryan is a California civil servant working in IT as an Information Technology Specialist for Covered California. He is always exploring and learning new technologies for personal and professional development and enjoys building tools to help the neurodivergent in their daily lives. If you ever want to talk to Bryan, just ask him about his homelab server rack and microservices 😉

Thomas Sebastian Jensen 🇩🇪

Sebastian is Software Developer working for a company called medialesson located in Germany.

GitKraken Content

Ricardo Joia

Ricardo Jóia 🇮🇪

Ricardo Melo Joia is a Technology and Innovation enthusiast with a love for the craft and using technology as means to an end.

Trying to be the change he wants to see in the world and help others thrive around him.
Mostly working with .Net framework and latest versions, from desktop to web to Node, and Angular.

GitKraken Content

GitKraken Ambassador - Jan Karger

Jan Karger 🇩🇪

Jan is also known as punker76. In his free time, after family time, he’s mostly active on #OSS. 

Uno Kim

Uno Kim 🇰🇷

Software Engineer.
Uno is passionate about better & easier version control, and finding personal connections and business opportunities.

Mursal Furqan Kumbhar 🇵🇰

Mursal is a recent nerd-head computer systems engineering graduate with a keen interest in growing and empowering communities. He has B.E in Computer Systems Engineering from MUET Jamshoro, and currently pursuing a MS(AI) at NEDUET, Karachi.

Mursal currently working as an RA at Smart City Lab, NCAI, NED UET, Karachi, and is an avid open-source enthusiast, ML engineer, and web developer with command over React and Django.  Networking, community building and empowering others in technology are his passions and he has been a part of different tech communities around the globe, including, Agora, MLSA, GDSC, AWS.  Mursal is always happy to help folks learn GitKraken tools.

Bart Lannoeye 🇧🇪

Consultant during the day, hobbyist at night.

Bart is an independent consultant, and technical architect at AE focusing on the Microsoft technology stack, covering anything between cloud and backend services to Windows and mobile. He’s always open for a new challenge and eager to learn.

Gabriel Lascano

Gabriel Lascano 🇨🇦

Gabriel is a Computer Engineer with a Masters in Digital Marketing, a degree in Applied Business Management and a certification as a Scrum Master. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Bit Space Development, working with the most cutting-edge technology in the VR and AR ecosystem.

Gabriel loves creating amazing and engaging experiences, bringing technology and people closer.  He is also passionate about teaching, sharing knowledge, and mentoring others.

Sarah Lean 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Sarah is an IT Operations specialist who enjoys helping and teaching others. She has experience of on-prem and Cloud environments. In her spare time, she runs the Glasgow Azure User Group and is also a STEM Ambassador.

Gustavo Lizárraga 🇧🇴

Gustavo is GitHub Campus Expert, Auth0 Ambassador, and GitKraken Ambassador. Professionally he is a native Android and iOS Freelance Developer.

He is also a professor at Platzi, Android Instructor for ATC, and organizer DevC La Paz and Kotlin La Paz as well as founder of GDG Android Bolivia.

Carlos Eli López

Carlos Eli López 🇲🇽

Carlos is currently working as a backend software engineer. He also makes YouTube programming tutorials and writes tech guides on his personal blog.

Carlos is passionate about ways to improve productivity by designing and building good habits.

Martin Manriquez

Martin Manriquez 🇲🇽

Data Sciences Mandalorian,
Philosophy and letters student,
Dark side Developer.

Lance McCarthy

Lance McCarthy 🇺🇸

Lance, a Microsoft MVP and professional nerd, is an avid .NET developer who loves building user experiences across a range of human-tech interfaces. During that day he is the Manager of Technical Support at Progress Software, at night you can find him building his home lab.

Jake McIlravey 🇨🇦

Jake is a Discord bot developer focused on making tools to make peoples’ lives easier.

Socrates Medina 🇨🇴

Socrates is currently working on teaching Game development through his YouTube Channel PadreGamer. His passions are Programming and Video Games.

Andrea Mescalchin

Andrea Mescalchin 🇮🇹

Andrea is a Project Manager and senior software developer.
Born in Italy and is passionate about technology.
He has excellent programming knowledge with languages such as Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, C#, and more.
He has great skills in team management and Has worked to implement many important projects.

MD Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul

MD Shahriyar Al Mustakim Mitul 🇧🇩

Mitul is currently pursuing a Bachelors’s in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). He is passionate about community work, open source, and content creation.

Mitul is also an AWS Community Builder, Beta Microsoft Student Ambassador, and an Auth0 Ambassador. He is also the Founder of the @LWM Community.

Sipos Miklós

Sipos Miklós 🇭🇺

Sipos is a university instructor, teaching IT engineers programming on basic and advanced levels.
Sipos is also a freelance developer mainly focused on web development and is researching neural networks. He is passionate about well maintained code, using Git and GitKraken.

David Morais

David Morais 🇵🇹

David is a FullStack Web Developer, who mainly uses Ruby & React to build applications.
He has also been busy building a game with Typescript.

Juan Nahuat

Juan Nahuat 🇲🇽

Juan Nahuat is a Full-Stack Web Developer. 

He’s a Pokémon Master and uses code to make the world a better place. 

Pivendrten Naik 🇿🇦

Building Fintech for Africa.

Christian Heider Nielsen 🇩🇰

Christian is a Visual Computing Engineer at Alexandra Institute. He is a passionate open source contributor in the areas of computer vision, signal processing, and reinforcement learning.

Simon Norman

Simon Norman 🇺🇸

Simon is a multi-disciplined developer with a focus on game development and frontend development.
He works in Unreal Engine, Javascript, & CapacitorJS. Simon works as an App Developer at Elevation Church and is the Director at Swarm Creative.

Beau Nouvelle

Beau Nouvelle 🇦🇺

Beau is an iOS development consultant based in Melbourne. He runs an educational YouTube channel called GetSwifty, writes Vapor articles for Ray Wenderlich, and is the author of Simulations in Swift.

In his spare time, he enjoys being a GM for D&D, 3D printing, and working on his own apps.

Nadine Ortega GitKraken Ambassador

Nadine Ortega 🇵🇭

Nadine is a Self-taught Creative Web Developer and Designer based in the Philippines. A video game connoisseur, an Iced coffee lover, and a mom of 2. She is an advocate of new beginnings, especially for women who want to pursue a career in technology

Chamod Shehanka Perera

Chamod Shehanka Perera 🇱🇰

Chamod is an open source enthusiast pursuing a degree in software engineering at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. He is interested in conducting tech talks in domains such as open source contribution. He leads the FOSS Community of SLIIT as the organization’s President. He is also a Co-Lead of Golang Sri Lanka, Stackoverflows Sri Lanka & GitHub Community Sri Lanka.

Sergio Gutiérrez Pérez 🇪🇸

Sergio is a Solutions Analyst, specializing in front-end technologies. 

Vladimir Prihodko

Vladimir Prihodko 🇷🇺

Vladimir is a Russian Game Developer. He has made many mods for Minecraft.

Mario Alberto Negrete Rodríguez 🇲🇽

Mario works at Rocktech as Chief Operating Officer. His research area is in process management and information assurance.

He is very interested in topics such as web and iOS development, DevOps, AIOps, Machine learning. He is always willing to learn.

Ana Salles GitKraken Ambassador

Ana Salles 🇧🇷

Ana is Brazilian, graduated in architecture, and decided to migrate her career and become a front-end developer!

She has always loved technology and all that it provides. Her goal is to develop locally and achieve globally.

She believes that everyone can be whatever they want, it just takes dedication for magic to happen.


Zac Selden 🇺🇸

Zac is a research archaeologist with a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and a deep love of philosophy. He recently returned to graduate school to study biostatistics and computational biology.

His interests are broad, and range from predictive modeling and the quantitative study of shape change in cultural artifacts, to data science and engineering. He is a tinkerer by nature, is incredibly curious, and has always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work.

Jean-Noel Seneque

Jean-Noel Seneque 🇦🇺

Jen-Noel is a multi-talented human with over 20+ years of experience in a wide range of creative experiences. He also is a maker with over 10 years of experience in a wide range of disciplines such as manager, consultant, entrepreneur, full-stack developer, Ironman, game developer, and more.

Rishabh Singh

Rishabh Singh 🇮🇳

Rishabh is a UIUX Designer, a community leader, and just a guy who loves creating content to help everyone grow.

Sameer Singh

Sameer Singh 🇦🇺

Sameer is a passionate software artisan that enjoys building out enduring solutions to challenging problems.

He has honed his craft having spent many years all the way up and down the software development stack, frontend to backend, and everything in between, including a satisfying foray into DevOps.

He is a proud LEAPster at

Renato Silva

Renato Silva 🇮🇪

Renato is a Software Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in System Information.
He has programming experience with C#, Python, Django, Vue Js, Dot Net Framework.

He is now looking for sharing all he has learnt about the software development industry and all the possible benefits achieved by it.
Magnus Sundström

Magnus Sundström 🇸🇪

Magnus is a software developer and consultant from Stockholm, Sweden. His main proficiency is in .NET and Azure, but he has in later years become quite the Git enthusiast. He quite irregularly blogs about software development in general and .NET development in particular on his personal website.

Evren Tan

Evren Tan 🇹🇷

Evren is a Software Craftsman and the Co-Founder of the Turkey Java Community. He considers himself a  Java geek,  a full-stack enthusiast. Aside from being a GitKraken Ambassador, Evren is a  TOGAF 9.2 Certified Architect who loves chess and coffee (maybe a little too much).

Rohan Taneja 🇮🇪

Rohan is a Systems Engineering Analyst at Deloitte, currently working on Robotics Process Automation. He is interested in pursuing a digital wellbeing startup in the future.

Sezer Tanrıverdioğlu

Sezer Tanrıverdioğlu 🇹🇷

Sezer is Software Developer and a Java and Kotlin enthusiast. He is passionate about helping student communities and contributing to Turkey Java Community. 

Bertrand Thomas 🇫🇷

Bertrand is a cloud native Solution Architect & DevOps practitioner. He helps companies design and improve the way they build and maintain their information system.

He is also passionate about computer stuff, mountains, and video games.

Jesus Manuel Garcia Torres

Jesus Manuel Garcia Torres 🇲🇽

👨‍💻 Web development enthusiast with a passion for JavaScript.
🧙‍♂️ Full-Stack => JS, React, Node.

Sagar Uprety

Sagar Uprety 🇳🇵

Sagar is a Computer Science undergrad passionate about building tech communities and bridging the gap between academics and industry. He runs hackathons, workshops, competitions for students in his regions and promotes learning-in-public philosophy.

Sagar works on Web/Mobile/DevOps and loves giving training sessions. He aspires to become a DevRel Advocate.

GitKraken Ambassador - Francisco Javier Bueno Vasquez

Francisco Javier Bueno Vasquez 🇲🇽

Francisco Bueno has 4 years of experience in software development in ORACLE, Salesforce and Microsoft technologies. He is a PhD in administration and computer systems.

He currently works as an associate consultant in middleware technologies, business intelligence and cloud commerce at ORACLE Mexico, in turn he is a professor of subject at undergraduate and graduate level at ICEL University.

Justin White

Justin White 🇺🇸

Justin is the Lead UI/UX developer for a high-profile ISP in the central Illinois area. He loves programming, longboarding, video games, GitKraken, and SpaceX!

Say 👋 on the GitKraken Slack!

Owain Williams 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Owain is a .Net Developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He specializes in building websites using the Umbraco CMS and is a 4x Umbraco MVP.

Owain is passionate about spreading the importance of Mental Health within the developer community as he believes it’s something that really needs to be spoken more about.

Alex Wichmann

Alex Wichmann 🇩🇰

Alex is focused primarily in Design Driven Development and asynchronous APIs. Currently spending a lot of time in the open source community.

Meriem Zaid

Meriem Zaid 🇲🇦

Meriem is an avid developer with strong experience in front end technologies. She’s also a part-time software engineering teacher, helping next-generation developers. In the little time left, Meriem leads and participate in various community initiative in Morocco and Africa.

Marcin Zajkowski

Marcin Zajkowski 🇵🇱

CTO and Umbraco MVP x4. He is passionate about everything programming related. Leading teams to step beyond the code, utilizing NoCode and Low-Code platforms to solve the real problems. He is also an aspiring YouTuber, eBook author, and Marcin fan.

Jose Maria Flores Zazo

Jose Maria Flores Zazo 🇪🇸

Jose María Flores is a solutions architect. He is a fan of .NET and Azure’s Microsoft MVP, but he adores any programming language and technology. Right now he is focusing on IoT and helping to mentor those who ask for it. He writes about Git on his personal website.

GitKraken Ambassador - Tania Zuniga

Tania Zuniga 🇲🇽

Tania is a Software Engineer who 💙 DevOps culture and Open Source projects. She dreams big 🚀.

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