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Contact: Dave Bor, Director of Content, GitKraken

GitKraken CTO and GitLens Creator Recognized with 2023 Microsoft MVP Award for Developer Technologies

Company also Announces AI-Powered Enhancements and Team Workspaces in GitLens 14

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jun 15, 2023 – Leading Git tools maker, GitKraken, today announced that its Chief Technology Officer, Eric Amodio, has been awarded the coveted Microsoft MVP Award for Developer Technologies. This prestigious honor recognizes those who demonstrate outstanding expertise, leadership, and contributions within their technology community. Amodio’s recognition as a Microsoft MVP serves as a testament to his profound impact on the developer community and his commitment to advancing the discipline of software development.

Amodio created GitLens for Visual Studio Code in 2016 as a passion project to enhance productivity and efficiency in software development workflows. Five years later, GitLens joined GitKraken’s portfolio of developer tools, and it is now among the most popular Git extensions for VS Code, with installs passing 23 million last month. This figure is a testament to how integral GitLens is in the daily coding processes for millions of developers.

“We recognize how much Eric means to the global developer community, and how much this work means to him. He embodies GitKraken’s purpose to make developers’ lives easier and better,” said GitKraken CEO, Matt Johnston. “Our entire team is proud of this well-earned recognition from an industry leader like Microsoft. It’s rare, it’s meaningful, and he is incredibly deserving.”   

GitKraken continues to innovate across its portfolio of developer productivity and team collaboration solutions, which includes GitKraken Desktop, Git Integration for Jira, and GitLens. Today, the company also announced the release of GitLens 14 with significant enhancements including the addition of Workspaces and two new AI-powered features.  

Workspaces in GitLens 14 enables developers and their teams to group and manage multiple repositories, and to access them both in the cloud and locally. Workspaces dramatically improves individual developer workflow, and it really shines at improving and speeding up critical team functions like project management, remote collaboration, and onboarding new developers.

GitLens 14 also introduces AI Explain Commit Message and AI Generate Commit Message. AI Explain Commit Message deciphers complex commit messages to provide developers with a clear, concise explanation. And AI Generate Commit Message helps developers create a commit message with the push of a button. Like having your own personal assistant, this feature analyzes a user’s changes and generates a clear, meaningful commit message that accurately represents the modifications. 

“We added Workspaces to GitKraken Desktop earlier this year, and every week, thousands of developers share incredibly positive, valuable feedback. With today’s launch of GitLens 14, we’re excited to bring Workspaces into VS Code, and to do so in a way that takes a big step forward for developers and their teams,” said Amodio. “And with these new AI-powered features, we’re challenging ourselves to build capabilities that are genuinely useful to developers. We’re going to continue experimenting, but I’m proud of these first GitLens features, especially because I see our own team using them daily.”

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The Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award is a recognition program that celebrates outstanding contributions made by exceptional individuals within Microsoft’s technology communities. MVPs are recognized for their technical expertise, strong community engagement, and willingness to share their knowledge with others.