Press Release

FOR RELEASE on February 28, 2022 at 9:00 AM MT

Contact: Sara Stamas, VP of Marketing, GitKraken

GitKraken Announces GitLens 12 Including Support for VS Code for the Web and GitLens+

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 28, 2022 – GitKraken, the world’s leader in premier Git tools, announced the launch of GitLens 12, including support for Visual Studio Code for the Web and Plus, first-ever GitLens+ features like Worktrees and Visual File History, available through GitLens+, Pro and Enterprise plans. 

“Bringing the power of GitLens to the Web is an incredible milestone, and introduces compelling new opportunities for developers. Now everyone can access GitLens’ rich insights to better understand why things changed, when, and by whom, directly from their browser” says Eric Amodio, GitLens founder and GitKraken CTO/CPO. “We’ve also added several powerful new features for GitLens users, like Worktrees to enable developers to seamlessly juggle between tasks without having to stash or switch branches, and a Visual File History to offer more insight into how files evolved over time.”

GitLens 12 is one of the most popular VS Code extensions to provide support for Visual Studio Code for the Web, which gives users the ability to edit GitHub repositories in VS Code in a web browser, on desktops or tablets, with no install required. Now,  developers can enjoy many of the same GitLens features they love using in VS Code desktop on both and 

“Since taking Visual Studio Code back to the Web, we’ve been hard at work imagining how to expand the browser-based coding environment,” says Chris Dias, Principal Group Product Manager at Microsoft. “The momentum we’re seeing from an extensions standpoint is really exciting, and we couldn’t be happier to have GitLens as an early adopter. We hope the work done by Eric and the GitKraken team will inspire others to reimagine how and where their tools can be used, and we look forward to hearing more about Eric’s journey as our keynote guest speaker at VS Code Day on March 3.”

This release also introduces upgraded GitLens plans. GitLens+ is a free plan that provides access to premium features on public repositories. GitLens+ Pro is a paid subscription that provides access to premium features on private and public  repositories, along with priority support and more benefits to come. 

GitLens+ and paid users can access additional features like Worktrees and Visual File History. Worktrees makes it possible to checkout multiple branches at once on the same repo, and Visual File History visualizes changes to files over time.  

“Today’s launch is a great milestone – for GitLens users, the product, and our company” said GitKraken CEO, Matt Johnston. “Not only is it a major release for all GitLens users, this is the first step toward creating GitLens+ features and enterprise integrations that will lead to an even more powerful GitLens in the future.” 

After bringing GitLens into the portfolio of GitKraken tools, GitLens development  has accelerated and features from the popular GitKraken desktop Git client are making their way into GitLens. Soon, GitLens+ and GitLens+ Pro will provide users access to features like the GitKraken commit graph in VS Code for even more visual context into Git repositories, as well as support for GitHub Enterprise. 

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