Ditch the switch: take control of your workflow

Keep your projects on track without losing your focus—or your mind.
Over 30M devs love GitKraken.

When distractions drive you crazy, regain control: prioritize your
tasks, clear team hurdles, and sharpen your focus

Organize your priorities

Maintain a clear overview of your projects and always know what’s next.

Unblock your team

Help your team stay productive without unnecessary holdups.

Enhance your focus

Keep your code workflow smooth and distraction-free.
Manage your workflow on-the-go with GitKraken.dev and Launchpad
Skip the app-switching hassle. With GitKraken.dev, centralize your PRs, issues, and tasks in one dashboard. Accessible anywhere—stay productive and synced, effortlessly. Use Launchpad as your command center—set priorities fast, and keep your team connected on the go.
Collaborate early and often with Cloud Patches

Reduce the grind of context switching with Cloud Patches. Share your work-in-progress and get feedback quickly. Speed up decision-making, control how you share, and ensure your team moves forward without delays.

Smash context switching not buttons with GitKraken CLI
Frustrated by constant tool-switching? Simplify with GitKraken CLI. Use ‘gk’ commands to handle PRs and issues across GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket directly from your terminal. Focus more, switch less, and boost your productivity.
Get laser-focused across any environment: IDE, desktop, terminal, and browser.
Discover key tools within the GitKraken DevEx platform, designed to minimize context switching and maximize your coding efficiency.

Bring the power of GitKraken directly to your browser with GitKraken.dev. Manage and review your PRs online with ease, from anywhere at any time.

GitLens for VS Code
Elevate your VS Code experience with GitLens. Tap into powerful insights and controls right where you code, making every review smarter and faster.
GitKraken CLI
Keep your workflow fluid and run commands across repos efficiently from your terminal. Reduce the need to switch between apps and help maintain your focus on coding.

Navigate your dev environment like a pro: watch our on-demand workshop


Learn how to track all your repos from a single web browser, cutting down on the need to flip through various tools.

Explore how to glide between GitHub, GitLab, Azure, and GitKraken applications without losing your workflow rhythm.
See how consolidating your pull requests and issues in one view can make tracking and managing them simpler and more direct.

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Git's Complicated

Git can feel like a maze. Simplify your entire Git workflow with clear visual tools that steer you clear of errors.

Managing Multiple Repos

Stop letting context switching slow you down. Stay focused on what’s crucial, cutting through the distractions.

PR & Code Review Friction

Juggling multiple repos shouldn’t be a drag. Get a grip on synchronization, clarity, and ownership.

See what the GitKraken DevEx platform can do for you

Join millions of developers who trust GitKraken to make their coding simpler, faster, and more efficient.