Multi-repo setups don’t have to be a mess

Overcome the hassle and confusion of managing multiple repositories with ease.
Over 30M devs love GitKraken.

Why struggle with your repos? See, prioritize, and sync
everything effortlessly across teams.

Organize with ease

Group your repos—get immediate visibility without all the confusion.

Prioritize efficiently

Manage your tasks across all repos in one place & cut the toggling

Sync and collaborate

Use multi-repo actions for efficient cloning, fetching & onboarding

Smooth out the multi-repo roller-coaster with Workspaces

Take control of multi-repo chaos. Easily group repos for instant clarity into branches and ongoing work, keep changes in sync, and maintain team alignment, no matter where everyone is located. Stay organized and disruption-free with just a few clicks.
Focus on what matters most with Launchpad
Bring all your coding tasks into one neat dashboard. Prioritize your PRs, issues, and WIPs across multiple repos without switching contexts, helping you focus on what matters most. Easily cut down the clutter and enhance your daily workflow with Launchpad.
Unify and conquer: multi-repo setups made easy
Use Workspaces for powerful multi-repo Git actions—ideal for both rapid onboarding and day-to-day operations. Allow new team members to dive right into projects and help everyone else simplify complex tasks to effectively manage multi-repo setups.
Easily manage multi-repo setups across any environment: IDE, desktop, terminal, and browser.
Discover key tools within the GitKraken DevEx platform, designed to tackle the challenges of managing multiple repositories wherever you code.
GitKraken Desktop
Optimize your code review and collaboration with GitKraken Desktop, enhancing your workflow with features like Launchpad, Cloud Patches, and Code Suggest.
GitLens for VS Code
Elevate your VS Code experience with GitLens. Tap into powerful insights and controls right where you code, making every review smarter and faster.

Bring the power of GitKraken directly to your browser with Manage and review your PRs online with ease, from anywhere at any time.

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See how Workspaces make it a breeze to keep your team and multiple repos in sync. No fuss, just smooth sailing.

Turn your Git data into a goldmine. Learn to use GitKraken Insights for smarter workflows that really drive productivity.

Find out how to ramp up remote collaboration with GitKraken’s tools, making teamwork seamless even when you’re miles apart.

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PR & Code Review Friction

Juggling multiple repos shouldn’t be a drag. Get a grip on synchronization, clarity, and ownership.

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