Uncomplicate your PR & code review workflow

Cut through delays in PR & code review complexity and reclaim your coding rhythm.
Over 30M devs love GitKraken.

Don’t let outdated PR workflows slow you down. Make sure your team stays ahead of the curve with clear priorities, early feedback, and flexible changes.

See what matters

Take control—no more guessing which PRs need your attention.

Simplify feedback loops

Discuss and iterate on code before the PR, speeding up your reviews.

Suggest changes effortlessly

Provide suggestions anywhere—like Google Docs for your code.

Unblock your team with GitKraken Launchpad
Avoid the hassle of switching between apps and tabs with all your PRs, issues, and work-in-progress in one easy-to-access location. Start your day in Launchpad, quickly identify your priorities, navigate your tasks, and keep your team unblocked.
Collaborate early and often with Cloud Patches
Cut delays in PR reviews with Cloud Patches for effective early collaboration. Share work-in-progress without committing to the repo, refine solutions with your team, and speed up merging while maintaining control over how and with whom you share.
Unshackle your team’s code reviews with GitKraken Code Suggest
Liberate your code reviews from GitHub’s restrictive, comment-only feedback style. As simple as suggesting changes in a Google-doc, provide real code suggestions from where you code, e.g. your IDE, and on anything in your project — not just on the lines of code changed in the PR.
Accelerate PR & code reviews across any environment: IDE, desktop, terminal, and browser.
Discover key tools within the GitKraken DevEx platform, designed to tackle the pain of PR and code review friction wherever you code.
GitKraken Desktop
Optimize your code review and collaboration with GitKraken Desktop, enhancing your workflow with features like Launchpad, Cloud Patches, and Code Suggest.
GitLens for VS Code
Elevate your VS Code experience with GitLens. Tap into powerful insights and controls right where you code, making every review smarter and faster.

Bring the power of GitKraken directly to your browser with GitKraken.dev. Manage and review your PRs online with ease, from anywhere at any time.

Get smarter with your PR workflows: watch our on-demand workshop

Dive right into early discussions and feedback to shave off unnecessary rework and speed up your projects.
Learn quick wins to handle PRs efficiently and reduce merge conflicts without the usual headaches.

See how Launchpad and Cloud Patches can centralize your PRs, issues, and WIPs so you can be more effective.

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See what the GitKraken DevEx platform can do for you

Join millions of developers who trust GitKraken to make their coding simpler, faster, and more efficient.