Defuse merge conflicts before they explode

When merge conflicts and rebasing issues strike, stay calm. Our tools prevent and resolve them fast.
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Don't just react to merge conflicts and rebasing issues—
proactively avoid them and keep your team moving

Resolve conflicts fast

Detect merge conflicts early and resolve them with precision

Rebase with confidence

Cut the guesswork and rebase with ease: pick, reword, squash, and drop

Coordinate team efforts

Minimize conflicts, or avoid them all together by tracking who’s on what
Resolve conflicts fast with the Merge Tool
Avoid conflicts with early alerts from GitKraken Desktop when multiple team members edit the same file. If conflicts arise, quickly resolve them using the Merge Tool’s clear, side-by-side comparison interface for efficient and precise resolution.
Take charge of your Git timeline with Interactive Rebase
Quickly reorder commits, squash them together, and rewrite commit messages using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Interactive Rebase puts complete control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust your commit history with ease.
Uncover team activity and avoid conflicts with Repo Team View
Level-up team collaboration with GitKraken Desktop’s Repo Team View. Easily track who is working on what with visible active branches and file modifications. This clear overview helps prevent conflicts, keeps your project organized, and ensures everyone stays aligned.

Manage merge conflicts and rebasing easily across any environment: IDE, desktop, or terminal.

Discover key tools within the GitKraken DevEx platform that help you avoid and quickly resolve merge conflicts, and rebase with ease.
GitKraken Desktop
Dive deeper into your repository’s history with the visual precision of the Commit Graph in GitKraken Desktop, making it easier to understand and manage complex Git scenarios.
GitLens for VS Code
Elevate your VS Code experience with GitLens. Tap into powerful insights and controls right where you code, making every review smarter and faster.
GitKraken CLI
Command your Git universe from the terminal with GitKraken CLI. Simplify commands, manage branches, and handle merge conflicts more efficiently, all from your command line.

Clear up Git confusion with our merging vs. rebasing on-demand tutorial

Learn the key scenarios for using merging versus rebasing to keep your project history clean and understandable.

Get practical tips on merging branches in GitKraken, including how to handle conflicts effectively with the merge tool.

Discover how to rebase branches for a cleaner history and how to manage conflicts during rebasing with GitKraken tools.

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PR & Code Review Friction

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