Cut the onboarding drag—get devs up to speed fast

Onboard quickly to boost team energy, not drain it. Get new developers active and effective without the typical delays.

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Accelerate onboarding: from day one to day done—
ensure new developers hit the ground running

Quick setup

Give new developers immediate access to relevant multi-repo projects

Integrate with ease

Launchpad helps new devs grasp team workflows for faster integration

Rapid learning

Give devs easy-to-navigate docs & training to get productive faster
Kickstart onboarding with Workspaces
Accelerate new developer ramp-up with instant access to essential projects via Workspaces. New devs find organized groups of repos and can perform multi-repo actions like batch cloning right from the start, for faster setup and integration.
Command your workflow with ease using Launchpad
Launchpad simplifies onboarding by bringing PRs, issues, and tasks into one accessible command center. New developers can quickly identify what’s next, eliminating the need to switch between tools and helping them integrate into team workflows faster.
Accelerate learning with GitKraken resources
Empower developers with on-demand resources, including our extensive documentation, Git certification courses, and detailed YouTube tutorials. These resources provide a fast track to Git mastery, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity from day one.
Supercharge your onboarding across any environment: IDE, desktop, terminal, and browser.
Discover key tools within the GitKraken DevEx platform that help you fast-track new developer proficiency and integration.
GitKraken Desktop
Dive deeper into your repository’s history with the visual precision of the Commit Graph in GitKraken Desktop, making it easier to understand and manage complex Git scenarios.
GitLens for VS Code
Elevate your VS Code experience with GitLens. Tap into powerful insights and controls right where you code, making every review smarter and faster.
GitKraken CLI
Command your Git universe from the terminal with GitKraken CLI. Simplify commands, manage branches, and handle merge conflicts more efficiently, all from your command line.

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See how Workspaces make managing multiple repositories straightforward, speeding up developer integration.

Gain insights on fast-tracking new developer setup with direct access to essential projects through Workspaces

Explore how Workspaces enhance collaboration by integrating smoothly with tools like Jira, keeping team workflows fluid.

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Git's Complicated

Git can feel like a maze. Simplify your entire Git workflow with clear visual tools that steer you clear of errors.

Managing Multiple Repos

Stop letting context switching slow you down. Stay focused on what’s crucial, cutting through the distractions.

PR & Code Review Friction

Juggling multiple repos shouldn’t be a drag. Get a grip on synchronization, clarity, and ownership.

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