Speed bumps ahead: uncover what's slowing you down

Without clear velocity metrics, it’s a guessing game. Know your team’s true speed and steer towards efficiency.
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Don’t guess your team’s speed—know it. Get the metrics
you need to accelerate and align team actions

Visualize team velocity

Real-time metrics illuminate your team’s workflow performance

Insights at your fingertips

Instantly access performance metrics and keep your team aligned

Optimize collaboration

Get a unified view of project timelines and Git activities
Boost your team’s efficiency with GitKraken Insights
Empower your team with data-driven insights to track and enhance development speed. Visualize cycle times, throughput, and merge rates with detailed analytics to optimize performance and predict project timelines accurately.
Better decision-making at your fingertips with GitKraken CLI
Bring the power of GitKraken Insights into your terminal. Monitor pull request dynamics and team throughput with simple commands that integrate easily into your dev workflow, providing you with the tools to make informed decisions swiftly.
Transform project tracking with Team Insights for Jira
Expand your visibility beyond Jira’s basic dashboards. With Team Insights, see comprehensive Git activity alongside Jira tasks to fully understand team workload, project health, and to make better decisions that enhance the efficiency of your teams.
Track and improve workflow performance across every environment: IDE, desktop, terminal, and browser.
Discover key GitKraken tools designed to help you understand and improve your teams performance with detail metrics so you never miss a deadline.
GitKraken Desktop
Dive into detailed performance metrics with Insights directly from your desktop. Gain a real-time understanding of cycle times, throughput, and more to keep your projects on track.
GitKraken CLI
Command your Git universe from the terminal with GitKraken CLI. Simplify commands, handle merge conflicts, and maintain visibility more efficiently, all from your command line.
Team Insights for Jira
Bring visibility to your Jira dashboards with Team Insights. See a comprehensive view of Git activity alongside Jira tasks to measure progress accurately and predict delays.

Get smarter about sprint management with our on-demand tutorial


Use Team Insights for Jira’s Backlog View to identify and manage at-risk work before deadlines are missed.

Learn techniques for effective sprint tracking to quickly spot and resolve delays, ensuring smoother project progress.

Discover how integrating Jira and Git activities into one view can improve decision-making and maintain project momentum.

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