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Git Checkout Commit

Whenever you want to check when a specific behavior was introduced into your code, checking out a commit can be the perfect solution.

We’re going to walk through how to Git checkout a commit using the cross-platform GitKraken Git GUI before showing you how to perform the action in the command line.

Checkout commits in just 2 clicks with GitKraken. ⬇️

How do you Git checkout a commit with GitKraken?

Checking out commits in GitKraken is fast and straightforward. Simply right-click on a commit from the central graph and select Checkout this commit from the context menu.

Yes, it’s that easy.

No commit hashes needed when checking out commits with GitKraken.💥

How do you Git checkout a commit in the command line?

To checkout a Git commit, you will need the commit hash. If you’re using the terminal, you don’t have immediate visual access to your commit information. To pull up a list of your commits and their associated hashes, you can run the git log command.

To checkout a previous commit, you will use the Git checkout command followed by the commit hash you retrieved from your Git log.

git checkout <commit hash>

Make the process of checking out commits easier with the GitKraken Git GUI for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The visual context allows you to checkout commits in just two clicks, without worrying about hashes.

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