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Beginner Git Tutorial

GitKraken makes the process to authenticate Git SSH smooth so your entire team can get safely set up to contribute to your projects in no time.

Git SSH, or secure shell, is a network protocol for safely encrypting any data pushed from a computer to a server over the Internet.

Watch this beginner Git tutorial video to learn how Git SSH works to safely login to remote machines, securely transmit files, and safely issue remote Git commands. Additionally, see the science behind Git SSH keys and how they work to encrypt data.

You will also see an example of how Git SSH works in the GitKraken Git GUI as GitKraken works as an SSH agent for an additional layer of security and convenience by communicating with the SSH server on your behalf.

How does Git SSH work in GitKraken?

Instead of using your local machine as the SSH client, your machine can use an SSH agent to negotiate with an SSH server as an additional layer of security.

GitKraken, while not a traditional SSH agent that can be used by other applications, can negotiate with SSH servers on behalf of any GitKraken user.

How do I set up Git SSH?

To set up Git SSH in GitKraken, navigate over to preferences and then click Authentication to access your Git SSH settings.

If you already have a pair of Git SSH keys, this is where you can set the path to your public and private keys. Otherwise you can ask GitKraken to generate a new key pair for you.

If you are using any of the available GitKraken remote repository hosting integrations, like GitHub you can provide the path to your existing GitHub SSH key pair, or ask GitKraken to generate a Git SSH key pair for you.

GitKraken will use these Git SSH keys to communicate to the SSH servers. And all actions between your local repository and remotes will travel safely through your SSH connection.

Simply the Git SSH process with the help of the legendary cross-platform GitKraken Git GUI, available for free download and voted #1 Git client for 5 years in a row.

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