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What is Git Pull?

Beginner Git Tutorial 

GitKraken streamlines collaborative Git actions, like pushing and pulling, to improve your team’s workflow.

The Git pull command will update your local clone of a Git repository with any changes from the related remote. 

Watch this beginner Git tutorial video to learn what the Git pull command is—spoiler alert: it’s actually a Git fetch followed by a Git merge. You will see an example of how to perform a Git pull, including how to pull changes from a remote branch to update your local copy of the repo.  

We’ll walk through using the command line and then how to pull with the single click of a button in GitKraken, the most popular Git GUI. Download GitKraken now, it’s free, and it will give you more control over when and how you Git pull by allowing you to fetch all, pull fast forward, or pull rebase, all with just one click.

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